Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Best of Home and Garden

I am working on a "summer rerun" article for the Home and Garden section this Saturday. I will be reprinting some of my best tips and quips from the past year+ of articles. What do you think are some of my most memorable articles? Do you have a favorite?
I was afraid of that.


  1. I say you share your "ice cream" wisdom. ;)

  2. I loved your article about wearing an apron. It changed my life. Or was it a blog post? If it was, and wasn't an article, it needs to be.

    I also loved your tip about how to keep my front loading washer fresh. That article had lots of great tips.

  3. my favorite was the one one feng shui, i think that's what it's called or did you call it good chi? i forget, but you know what i'm referring to.

  4. I didn't know you wrote a h&g thing. I just thought you looked dashing in that apron.

  5. It is a toss up which one I like best because I took some thing away with each one that I read. Could you mix the Feng Shui with Apron for a Feng Shuiapron?

    What ever you do will be brillant, I look forward to reading it!!

  6. Oh, gee! I'm no help...I love everything you write about! :)

  7. I bought Sprayway and Plink because you suggested it. I'm glad I did.

  8. I loved the unpaid endorsements of products you use. makes me want to shop for cleaning supplies! And the fashion advice about your fabulous coat... that may have been quite a while ago. Anyways, love it all.


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