Sunday, February 15, 2009

Talk radio is not ready for me

....and I'm not quite ready for it.

I've been invited to be a guest co-host for a techie-type radio show this week. What I lack in knowledge of the subject, I will more than make up for in charisma. The other hosts, Adam Cochran and Rick Castellini have no idea of the pandoras box they are about to open putting a microphone in front my mouth.

It's been my personal philosophy in life to take advantage of every offered experience and not let my insecurity get in my way. That being said, I do have few reservations and/or questions on what to expect and how to prepare for my first radio gig:

1. Can I bring refreshments into the box?

2. Is it a box or booth or sound room or studio?

3. Do I have to wear the headphones? I'm afraid they'll crush the do.

4. Can I give "shout-outs?" Holla to my homies!

5. Will there be bathroom breaks?

6. Is techie spelled with a "y" or "ie"?

7. What is the difference between a "techy(ie) and a computer geek?

8. If I faint will my co-hosts seek immediate medical attention or will they wait until the show is over?

9. Does this gig include dental coverage?

10. Does Sean Hannity know that I will be in direct competition with his time slot and does he care?
I'll answer this one... I don't think so.
To listen to my talk radio debut online, go to this Wednesday from noon-1 p.m MST.


  1. Is this local Fruita radio?

    I wonder if I could talk the Hari Krishnas into letting you be on their radio show. It'd be like Bollywood AND local radio all wrapped up in one! But you'd have to watch out for the Llamas.

  2. This is the greater Grand Junction metropolitan area.

    I'm not quite sure how far the signal goes.

    Maybe as far north as Meeker, as far south as Delta, as far west as Crescent Jct., UT, and as far east as Debeque!

  3. I love those llamas.
    And I sincerely don't remember hearing any bollywood on their station, and I listened faithfully for years. I've even been known to listen to them online here.
    Annie, you are so big time!

  4. Before you know it Oprah is going to be calling you, and shortly after that you are going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

  5. Oh mow exciting! I wish I could listen. Please let us know how it goes. Break a fingernail (versus a leg).

  6. Annie, little known fact...I was a radio morning show host for two years! The worst thing is absolutely the headphones...I recommend you wear a cute ponytail style or similar...because they will JACK your 'do. Eat, drink and be merry...and don't get wigged out about hearing voices in your head!

    Good luck! :)

  7. So....can I hear it? Will it stream? KNOW I need educating on these matters:

    Isn't the Hari Krishna thing by my house and Bollywood the same thing?

  8. Mouthy- I had no idea. But could totally hear you doing that. Ponytail, good idea.

    B and everybody

    Just go to the website at the time indicated and click "Listen," if you would like to hear it live as it happens.

    Adam also told me he could get me a copy of the show that I could post on my blog. I've never posted audio before, but how hard can it be. I do vid all the time!

  9. I think your hair could totally take on the headphones - use them for a headband and let your curls do their magic.

  10. OMGosh! My wild horses are on your sidebar :D What an unexpected honor :) Good luck with your radio spot - I'll be checking it out!

  11. I think shout-outs are a must...and the ponytail.

    Good luck!

  12. Wow! That sounds exciting & frightening all at once. Way to not let your insecurity get in the way! Good luck!

  13. I always thought you'd be great in a TV show! (but this is great too)

    I am super excited for you :) I will be listening of course.

  14. Hello Annie...I'm glad you are excited about Wednesday. We don't know much on the topic either, but between the three of us, we will make it entertaining and somewhat informative as well.

    Here's some answers for you:

    1) Yes...just make sure drinks are in a TommyTippy cup
    2) It's a small room/booth with lots of flashing lights, dials, buttons, and screens.
    3) Yes, headphones are mandatory...will a hair net help the do?
    4) Shout-outs are considered bad form...sorry. Now if one of your homies calls in to ask a question or make a comment...totally different story.
    5) No
    6) ie
    7) Techie's have better hygiene and don't live with their mother
    8) Show takes priority, but we will cover you with a blanket while lying on the ground
    9) No dental...but we can provide a brush for the do afterwards
    10) Sean Hannity is a hack and worries about US on the 3rd Wednesday...and with you on as well, he has triple trouble...except that I think our hour falls in the last hour of Rush.

    We look forward to you being our guest...thanks again Annie.

    Rick Castellini

  15. We are up against Rush?! For the love...

  16. Ha, ha...I like your style and sense of humor Annie.

  17. Go Annie! You can totally take Rush or Sean, or Kelly Ripa, who'd better watch it cause here comes Annie.

    I wonder why radio doesn't go to the little ear pieces? Could you bring that up with Rick and the Techies?

  18. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  19. Hello Boy Mom...I suppose ear buds could be used, but I think the large ones are used for the coolness factor and for the functionality of blocking out the outside noise. But not be a radio guy or having much of a do to worry about, I'm not totally positive...good question though.

  20. I'd take you over Rush any day...

  21. Yep...#3 would definitely pose a huge problem! :0

  22. SQUEEE!!!

    I see my name and our faces on your sidebar! THANKS! :D

  23. I'm listening to you RIGHT NOW!!!!

  24. So guess who called you on the show?
    I was the one that asked about Facebook Etiquette for not answering memes and such.
    I didn't hear what you said when you asked if we have a DVR. When I listened to that part of the show I felt pretty dumb for not responding to your question.
    Anyway, the show is just about over and I have been enjoying listening to you.

  25. I came! I listened! I LOVED! Gosh, you sounded great! If anybody could talk me into starting a facebook account, it would be you! But I'm pretty much a lazy bum, tee hee! ;)

    So what did you do about the headphones and the hair? ;)

  26. Thanks for your nice comments everyone!

    Heff! Thanks for calling in. That was awesome! (((hugs for you)))

  27. I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope they ask me back sometime.

    Thanks to everyone who listened.

  28. Great having you today on the show Ms. Annie. The podcast is available at:
    And thanks for the muffins too!! We definitely will have you on again!


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