Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Annie on Idol: Instant Reviews

Contestant #1 whose name isn't worth remembering. JPL sang this song better. She looks like Feather Tuscadero beat up Betty Boop and stole her top.

Ricky-Love the velvet blazer. Good choice. Hard to go wrong with a crisp white shirt and nice fitting blazer. Ricky sings...zzzzzzz. Simon and I seem to be on the same wavelength tonight.

Alexis Grace- Cutie!I like to cheer on the mommies. I like the red lips. Her face looks like a young Dolly Parton. Good job Mamacita.

Ryan is so awkward on the fly.Brent Keith- I see a dimple. Guess who's going back to his hick town. Did Paula really hold up Buckie Covington as a success?! Ha! Simon prempted me.

Stevie Wright- Oh no! Starting off as atrain wreck. Experiencing physcial discomfort. Terrrible song choice. Karoke at a friends birthday party.

Anoop!- A little eyebrow grooming could go a long way. First four bars...best guy so far. He is going to get way more than the Desi vote.I would love to see him in an ice cream white suit.

Casey Carlson- Hello? Who is calling please? Disney? Yeah, hold on Casey is right here.

Oil Rigger- We've seen this song performed better on this show before. He has good moves for a big boy.

Ann Marie Boskovich - She could sell floss and lip gloss. Good teeth, good lips. Didn't like the song...finish strong though.

Steven Fowler- sang "I Want to Rock With You" but he forgot the metallic outfit that made this song great.

Ms. Coco Pants Tatiana- How did she make it and the Osmond didn't? This song just made Whitney Houston go back to crack!

Mejor dicho Senorita Pantalones Locas.

Danny Gokey- Most confindent performer of the night. I'm not a fan, but he did good.

3 Best Performances in my not so humble and usually right opinion: Alexis Grace, Anoop, and Danny.


  1. I just found your blog, your Idol reviews cracked me up - and I couldn't agree more about Anoops brows:)

  2. I need to move the laptop to the Living Room on Tuesdays if you're gonna review this way on FB. That way I can play along.

  3. I have no idea what you're talking about other than I remember Oop was the laundry basket boy.
    Like B, I need the pics.

  4. Ok I will have to watch!! I had a speaking assignment !!!ast night and couldn't watch AGAIN Thanks for your humble opinions

  5. alexis grace.
    is that not the prettiest name, or what?

  6. I'm such a bum! I really should turn the TV on and watch this!

  7. I couldn't agree more. And I was totally thinking about Anoop's eyebrows the whole time, so AI--get him a trim!

  8. I was scared Anoop's eyebrows were going to walk off his face and start singing their own song.

    I'm so afraid Tatiana is going to be this year's Sanjaya. Can we get the little beggar voted off? "Please America, this is my dream. My dreams are in your hands." I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  9. I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but being the Happy Day's fan I am...I believe her name was LEATHER Tuscadero! LOL! I don't even watch Idol anymore but still get a kick out of your observations

  10. Oh Annie- I hope you turn into a fan of Danny. Definitely the winner of the night. How can you not love a widower? I agree with Valerie- tatiana makes me vomit a little.

  11. Oh no no, I love Donny Hathaway and 'A Song For You'. Ricky didn't get any exposure in any of the earlier shows, which is a shame, becuase he did a great job with that song.

    But I'm most grateful that Tatiana has been sent packing :)

  12. Fashionista, who is still sick at home, and I just watched it.
    I was happy Danny and Alexis made it as they were the ones I chose.

    We were also happy Tatiana left us.

  13. I can't believe that you actually sat and took notes...I am so impressed...I thought I was an idol addict.

    I turned off the show beforethe last three singers...guess i missed the best guy....and I am so HAPPY that I missed Tatiana....I can't stand that girl.

    I think you may have picked them right. I don't even know because I didn't watch last night...I will go and check now.

  14. I guess if you are a big boy with moves you are more liked than the cute likeable humble boy with bad brows even if you don't sing as well....I bet they will bring him back with the wildcard.

    ALexis Grace is a beautiful name.

  15. Danny is my #1 choice.

    I freaking love him.


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