Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anniethology on Idol: Idol, Whooz ur daddy? Season 8, Part 3

Maybe you were looking for my review tonight, maybe you weren't. Fact is, I forgot. I am so unmoved by tonight's contestants that I forgot to open the laptop and share my opin with you all. If you put a gun to my head... you'd have to pull the trigger, because I can't pick a favorite tonight.

I can say that Kai makes me want to hide my children. He's creepy-deepy. I get a grody vibe off of that guy. He is a cardboard sign away from begging on a corner.
I'm doing "Idol, Whooz ur daddy?" in reverse tonight! Cuz I'm crazy like that!
Kai + a bar of soap = Eric Benet with a girlfriend! See Kai? Do you see your potential with a little hygiene?


  1. "He is a cardboard sign away from begging on a corner," Hilarity!

  2. Dang. I missed it because my DVR was recording two other shows. I was hoping to read your thoughts before tomorrow night's recap. But yeah, that Kai guy has bothered me from the beginning.

    Recap the recap for us tomorrow???

  3. I really liked the red/pink hair girl and Adam...hope they will both get through.

    I am not sure who I want for the third one though....I did forget to call in and vote for Nick/Norm...I would like to see how he throws the show off. I really just think he's so funny. And he doesn't have that bad of a voice. Better than most of the others last night.

  4. I wanted to introduce Kai to a better hairstylist. The blunt, uneven ends really bugged me.

    Is Adam the new Jonas Brother?

  5. I don't get to watch Idol (no TV reception) but I always enjoy your posts about it.

  6. I totally missed it tonight.

    The reverse thing is too much for my brain today....but, Eric Benet is a walking std....doesn't he have a skeezy history?

    Or is that your point?


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