Sunday, February 22, 2009

Annie's Oscar Recap

... As taken from my Facebook stati. Read from the bottom up. Check back later for my Best and Worst dressed picks.

Annie , Raj Malhotra, and 1.2 billion of their closest friends are cheering! 10:00 p.m.

Annie : Do you know what "The Reader" is about? 9:56pm

Annie is sitting and reflecting on the great shame that will be seen in the eyes of grandchildren and great grand children because Sean Penn said so. 9:53

Annie : Princess Buttercup was better off with Wesley. 9:49pm
Annie : Mickey Rourke gives Hulk Hogan false hope.
Annie : Kate Winslet is looking mumsy tonight. 9:39pm

Annie : Penelope Cruz sees her future in Sophia Lauren and is really, really scared. 9:37pm
Annie : Seeing all that stuff float around on the blue screen makes me want to sneeze. 9:30pm -
Annie : Reece looks like she decided to come to the Oscars 20 minutes ago and in her rush borrowed a dress from Dame Judi Dench. 9:28pm
Annie : Bernie Mack is dead?! 9:20pm

Annie : The moment I've been waiting for...Bollywood in Hollywood! 8:57pm

Annie : Jerry Lewis is still alive?! 8:46pm

Annie wonders if Jennifer Anniston's gown smelled like ciggies. 8:27pm

Annie thinks majeek treecks by a French dude is exactly what the slow hour of the Oscars needed.
Annie has never been "enthralled in uncertainty." 8:12pm
Annie proclaims in unison with Hugh Jackman, "The musical is back!" 8:07pm
Annie : No religious conservatives allowed at the Oscars. Values checked at the door. 7:59pm

Annie thinks Jessica Biel forgot untuck the napkin from the front of her dress after dinner.
Annie says, "And the award for Best Bruting (sic) Presenter goes to...Edward!"
Annie thinks Sarah Jessica Parker looks like the Good Witch of the North in her Oscar gown. 7:17 p.m


  1. 1. Love the Bollywood number!! Thank goodness Hugh was hosting, I don't think any comedians would have allowed that.
    2. Hooray! and Hallelujah! The musical is BACK!
    3. Loved the older generation presenting in fives. That was a good idea.
    4. My children and grands will be very sad for them. I'm still going to vote no. :(
    5. Liked what they did for Redford, but wanted more for Charlton Heston and Bernie Mack.
    6. Overall, Best award show I've seen in many years. Can't wait to see what you're opinion of everything else is. :)

  2. Why do I need to watch when I can get all the important info from you?
    Actually, I don't get TV reception, so I couldn't watch and didn't even know it was Oscar night!
    My little sisters and one of my older sisters usually dress up in formals (they get them at thrift stores) each year and have an Oscar (watching) party. I wish I lived closer to them so I could go too! Next year there should be an Oscar party in the blogosphere. People could dress formal and dish about the Oscars on their blogs...

  3. oh, sean penn, he did not disappoint.

  4. I am glad that Slumdog won! Such a great movie :)

  5. Didn't watch, not even the red carpet: Annie's review is all I need.

    Tilda Swinton & Beyonce: Ew ew ew.
    Amy Adams: Loved
    Sean Penn:Waaah, waaaa!
    Whatever. It's Hollywood voting on Hollywood dude.

  6. A really good last night's fashion gallery here.

  7. I LOVE Sean Penn and now I don't love him so much. He should have let all of that nonsense go. This was about winning an award for best actor (which he deserved)... what the HECK was he thinking. He opens his mouth and out of all the people that liked him, now don't.

  8. Loved the presentations for the best acting categories - I couldn't believe they made me tear up. But I also felt like the previous winners, were kind of like Glinda the good witch proclaiming all the actor/actresses good points.. then I quit tearing up and laughed.

    I thought Sarah Jessica Parker was going to pop out of her dress!

    Loved all the musical numbers - absolutely!

    The Reader - haven't seen it, but I've read about it and I have to say it doesn't sound like the greatest movie - sounds like she spends a lot of time nakie.

    I watched the show a few minutes late so I could tivo over annoying acceptance speeches - when I could tell Sean Penn was going to go down that road - I just skipped.

    The only other thing that bugged was when they did the memorial for those who had died. I wish the camera would have just focused on the screen and stayed there - sometimes I couldn't read who they were or what they did and the camera moved so much it was kind of making me sea sick.

    Agree about Reese - it also looked like her make-up was done on the way to the show or the night before.

    I also found the Ben Stiller thing to be in poor taste - it was funny but if Joaquin Phoenix isn't pretending than I think it's a mean thing to do because he's clearly unstable.

  9. I'm so glad you were well enough to review the Oscar extravaganza! I watched for the first time in years just so I'd totally get your review.

    Sean, Sean, Sean... How DOES that work? Last time I checked it was heterosexual marriages that produce children and grandchildren who knew each other well enough to have disappointment in their little eyes.

  10. Loved the Oscars! So happy to see Kate Winslet win, but happier to see Sean Penn win for Milk, a movie about a personal hero of mine, made in my city.
    Why are mormons so like the Taliban with the gay stuff- This is America, equal rights?
    I know many Gay families with children, so get that straight, and I will celebrate when their parents can marry.
    You should see Milk, it is a good movie.
    Some readers of this blog have gay brothers and sisters, SO, Brothers and Sisters, have some respect.
    At 10% some of YOUR KIDS will BE GAY, It is genetic.
    True Christians LOVE.
    Sean Penn hit the nail on the head, so Proud!
    Annie you know who this is and you know that I will never stop fighting Homophobia.
    Lots of love

  11. My Dear Anonymous Friend,

    That hurts. That really hurts. How long have you known me? And to compare me to the Taliban? I've never bombed, raped, pillaged, thieved, or forced my beliefs on anyone else.

    I think the life that I lead speaks for itself.

  12. Annie,
    The Taliban thing is just on the Gay subject, and the comment was directed more to the other commenters who obviously did not see Milk.
    I have never seen you take part in homophobia, and know that you would not approve of some of the misconceptions that people believe about gay folks. You know gay people, you are kind to all creatures.

    Sean Penns speech hits at a politically charged time . The church along with some catholic bishops , joined forces to run a really ugly campaign here with prop 8.
    They said all of the usual lies about "gays molest kids" (they don't - creepy uncles and priests do) and that they would teach about gay sex to kindergardeners, which is utter BS.
    No matter what a persons stance is about gay marriage ,spreading homophobic misinformation hurts real people, which was waaay un-christian, and it pissed me off.
    And if you think I am mad at mormons right now, don't get me started on the new pope!
    See the film, it is good.

  13. I don't live in California, I didn't vote on Prop 8. But, if I did, I would have voted to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

    I didn't see all the ads and propaganda that went into the campaign, but I do know that the lies went down on both sides.

    I remember seeing an ad on youtube that depicted what was supposed to look like two Mormon missionaries going into a lesbian couples home and taking their marriage certificate and ripping it up.

    I was a missionary. I find that offensive. I never barged into anyone's home or destroyed their property. Nor have I ever heard of anyone missionary conducting themselves in that way and if they had it would not be condoned by the church and they would not remain a missionary.

    The Mormon church did not produce the Prop 8 ads. The Mormon church does not produce political ads.

    My every thought as a missionary was to help people find greater happiness through Jesus Christ. I never forced it on anyone. I never forced my way into anyones home. I was always respectful of other people even when they did not agree and did not want to talk to me. I was respectful even when being mistreated.

    Sure the church members had a lot to do with Prop 8. But the credit or blame cannot be placed fully on the Mormon church.

    Record numbers of people came out to vote for Obama, people who had never voted before, it was them, the Obama supporters that tipped the scales. 70% of African Americans voted Yes on Prop 8.

    But the protestors were not outside of black churches after the election. They were outside the LDS temple. Because that would look racist and Mormon are an easy target.

    Sorry my blog just became quantifiably less fun.

  14. Annie, BEST POST EVER! I am sooooo linking to you.

    Annie thinks Jessica Biel forgot untuck the napkin from the front of her dress after dinner.

    Umm...can we be best friends?

  15. "Annie : No religious conservatives allowed at the Oscars. Values checked at the door. 7:59pm"

    Amen, sistah!

  16. "Annie : Princess Buttercup was better off with Wesley. 9:49pm"

    I was thinking pretty much the same thing! :)

  17. "Annie is sitting and reflecting on the great shame that will be seen in the eyes of grandchildren and great grand children because Sean Penn said so. 9:53"

    That speech of his just about made me puke.

  18. I LOVED the musical production numbers! FABULOUS! :D

  19. I love YOU, as well as your intelligent and very classy responses to Anonymous. :)


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