Saturday, February 28, 2009

What?! I have a blog?!

Blog posts have been few and far between lately. I won't apologize for it. I refuse. See the sidebar? "Blogging without obligation" means that I don't have to feel bad for not posting every day, every other day, or even regularly for that matter. Be that as it may, I know that I have regular readers who feel a twinge of disappointment - that they quickly get over - when they see I haven't posted anything new. Here is a list of excuses for why I haven't been to my blog - or your's - lately.

1. Facebook is so much fun. Connecting with friends, new and old. I'm even playing games and talking smack with a few. I've been defriended and even defriended a few myself. I hate it when people make me a friend and don't bother to leave me a little message. If I've done that to you...I'm sorry. I never said that I wasn't a hypocrite.

2. I've been a busy, busy mommy. My boys have been playing basketball for which I have been the coach and the team manager. Today was our last game. Whew. Fun. But glad it's over.

3. More busy mommy stuff. Mini Me has been in cheerleading. That's also over. Note to self: Don't put the kids in sports at the same time. They must take turns with the extra-curricular activites.

4. Ever since I did the radio show with Adam and Rick, blogging seems so passé. I would love to do a Bollywood radio show. Play movie soundtracks and talk about Bollywood movie news and stars, do movie reviews and such. I thought that I had made all my wildest dreams come true, maybe I have some dreams yet to be fulfilled, afterall.

5. ::thinking:: I got nothin'.

And there you go. That is the great thing about blogging. You don't have to have a witty ending or good grammar or correct spelling, for that matter, as witnessed on this blog. When you have nothing left to just stop.

the end


  1. I would totally listen to that radio show. You could make me your dumb sidekick that you talk into doing really humiliating things.

  2. When I took a creative writing class in high school, the teacher encouraged us to find a quick way out of a story if we got stuck (long explanation of why). Mine? "Then everyone decided to got out for chips and salsa. FIN." Go ahead, use it to end your posts if you like. I don't mind. And now I think I'll go out for some cips and salsa.

  3. I love Annie!

    And I love that you said, "I never said I wasn't a hypocrite." That was beautiful...and so my motto in life! :)

  4. i'm now feeling the need to leave you more regular facebook messages.

    i am interested in learning more about bollywood-
    will i like it better than hollywood?

    me no likey hollywood!

  5. Amen on FB - I'm not brave enough to defriend people, though. I KNOW they're watching me (because the world revolves around me, and stuff).

    I will read your blog until they have to prop me up in my chair with oxygen in my nose and a plate of cupcakes at my side. They'll have to pry the mouse out of my cold, dead hand...

  6. XM Radio has a new Bollywood show. SQUUUEEEAAALLL!!!! It made me think of you and elizabeth w immediately.

    As for me and my girls, we've been expanding our cultural horizons and musical palates by soaking up the King of Turkish pop, Tarkan. He's really, really hot even though I don't know what the heck he's singing.

    Turkish Translations I Do Know:
    Simarik= Kiss
    Dudu= Woman (Yes, I did smirk at this one)
    Bu Gece= Tonight

  7. Well hello there. See I'm still here reading your posts and patiently waiting. I don't blog regularly either. Just when I feel like it.

    Look at EWBL teaching us a foreign language. Cool!

  8. Well ok then --those are good reasons. I though, do not like facebook so much---it's --odd to me. They had to the access of it away from where I work as to many employees were spending TOO MUCH time on it --and, not working. spoil sports.

  9. I had not noticed that you had not posted much. Since I have been sick and busy trying to keep up with all my children.

  10. I don't mind when people don't post every day. In fact, I find that I kind of prefer to see new posts a couple of times a week. If everyone I read posted every day I think my brain would fry a circuit and I would have to cut back on reading blogs.
    Plus, I can always get my Annie fix on facebook!

  11. Good luck with that not having the kids in different sports at the same time.

  12. What about people who open an FB account and then don't do anything like for a week?

    I'd liste to the radio show because I do enjoy the music a lot.

    Then everyone decided to got out for chips and salsa. FIN.

  13. i have been missing from blogland for way too long, too. i just logged into my read...300 posts. oh well. life is just so busy lately. but i must say, facebook is such an easy way to stay in touch. was it you that said facebook is blogging for dummies on your radio show. cuz i've been thinking that all week. haha.

  14. Hi, Annie! :)

    You have an awesome radio voice! I'm still amazed that you had a sore throat at the time! :0


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