Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor Conspiracy Theory

I'm not buying it. I"m just not buying it. This show is the most contrived piece of trash that I have ever dedicated weeks of my life to.

I hate that hours before these bachelors are supposed to choose the love of their life, they are confused and don't know which one to pick. They love them both. That is such crap. (I'm sorry, Mom, but it is.) If the man I was engaged to didn't know he wanted me from the word "go" I'd be outta there.

After Secret Agent Man met me, he never thought of another woman ever again. He had no doubts. I was it for him.

What I think happened with this last Bachelor, Jason, is he really wasn't completely sold on either one of them. So, instead of going the route of a previous bachelor and dumping them both, Jason and the producers cooked up a ratings-getting plan.

Jason would send one on home, propose to the other, and then after they get back to reality, tell her that he really loved the other one more, and then in a big dramatic ending, ask for the jilted one back. It was a risk, for sure. But, if you aren't that invested in either one of the women...what is the harm? The women know what they are getting into, right? They know they are making a TV show.

The harm is that Jason looks like a wish-washy horses backside. The harm is one girl, Melissa, actually thought she was getting married. The harm is that Molly sat on her duff for weeks hoping and praying he would change his mind and she looks desperate to agree to take him back so readily.

I think Jason knew what he was going to do this all along. Remember his parting words to Molly before he shut the limo door, it was something like, "You have to remember that everything between us was real." This was a ratings setup.

I am completely convinced that he makes more money because of the more dramatic ending. I'm sure these bachelors get a % of the earnings and mark my words this Bachelor will receive the highest ratings of all.

I hope that $$ is worth your integrity, Jason.

But who's the real sucker here?

I don't want to answer that.


  1. I totally agree. It is a completely failed process to find love. Why do they sign up? and why do I watch? Good question- who's the sucker? The viewers like me! grrr.

  2. I am glad I havent been sucked into the Bachelor. Want to know where it is at? The Bachelorette! There are tons of delicious guys to look at. Who wants to look at stupid girls?


  3. Sounds like a real crappy show (don't watch it), Joel said so!

  4. I really don't understand why people watch this show. It's about the lowest thing on TV.

  5. don't watch the show, but it sounds irritating.
    ick on liar faces...

  6. And that is why I watch HGTV. Just houses getting the make over or shaft on there ;)

  7. I have to say that I had to be planned. Who would admit on national TV that they were so low and know the rest.

  8. right...whose the sucker anyway???

  9. This is precisely why I didn't watch this season.

    And why I will never watch again.

  10. I could not have said it better. I think I will just have everyone I know come read your post. I like you wasted weeks on this show. Truth is that I will most likely waste future weeks on watching the Bachelorette, when Jillian is on.

  11. It may have been planned (you're probably right), but I still love the show :)

  12. I LOVE reading things like this because they make me happy:

    "After Secret Agent Man met me, he never thought of another woman ever again. He had no doubts. I was it for him."

  13. Annie, I concur with this entire post. The folks at ABC must think we're pretty dumb, but I think Jason is the one that's turning out to look that way.

    I keep telling myself that I'm going to stop watching this show...but then I never do. We'll see what happens when Jillian's season starts in a couple of months...

  14. Bachelorette - DWTS, she was . . . fabulous.


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