Friday, March 13, 2009

Stephenie Meyer: Fan or Copycat

Watch the first 12 and half minutes of the pilot of "Roswell" and you tell me.

(Yes, "Alias" fans. That is Marshall.)

The more you watch, the more similarities between plot and characters you will find.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who has noticed. If you Google "Stephenie Meyer" and "Roswell" you'll find 23,4000 entries.

I'm mad that I didn't notice before. I lived in Covina, CA where a lot of the filming for "Roswell" took place. I was a huge fan of the show and was super disappointed when it ended. I can't believe I didn't connect the dots sooner.

The real question is:

Do these similaries make me a jilted fan or a more ardent supporter?


  1. Wow...she even wears PLAID!
    I have to admit that when I read the Twilight books I envisioned Rosalie as Isabel. That was who the character was in my head.

  2. Now that you mention it, Heff, I think I did, too! I'm freaking out, just a little.

  3. The only comment I have is that the men seem a lot more manly on Roswell than Twinkle Toes Twilight.

    That's all I'm sayin'.

  4. Whoa, you're right! I've never seen a single episode of Roswell before.

  5. I'll have to watch the video next time I'm in the U.S. ; (
    I never watched Roswell and now you have me very curious.

  6. Twinkle Toes? MWAHAHA.

    Similar themes
    The hero's hair is, umm, special.
    "accident" that propels discovery
    "She's not one of us"
    Vegetable lab
    Sparkly hand

    He gave up his true ID way to easy ;)

  7. Interesting...I was a huge fan of Roswell, too, and never connected the two, which I think says a lot. There are always so many similarities in a lot of shows, movies, and books, so I'm not freaking out. There's way more differences in it than similarities.

  8. I think she stole most of the book from the Sookie Stackhouse books.

    It is almost the same story. With a few things tweeked -

    Man from 1800's is vampire.
    Her bestie is a "shape shifter" and changes himself into a dog.
    Main character can read peoples minds

    Never thought about the Roswell element.

  9. I have never watched the Roswell before - but now I kind of need to.

    Thanks for that.

  10. Since I refuse to get into Twilight (purely on principle - which one I'm not sure), I have no comment.

  11. Marshall! Makes me happy to see him again.

  12. Never have seen Roswell, but nothing could induce me to be a Stephnia Meyers fan :)

  13. That is so crazy...never seen Roswell, but watched a few minutes of it and HOLY COW too many similarities. Miss ya...we are back from Spring Break and we need to get together SOON. What's crazy is we live in the same town and don't see eachother often would think we live states apart.

  14. Whoa. I watched the whole episode. Never watched "Roswell" when it originally aired. Now I want to watch more! Crazy, the connections between it & Twilight. But like someone else stated, there are lots of similarities out there. Cop shows, anyone? Hospital shows? SOAP OPERAS? hello.
    BTW, "23,4000 entries"? ;)

  15. I ended up watching most of if, not just the first 12 mins like you said to do. Does this mean I have a problem fallowing directions. Anywho...this looks pretty familar. I have never seen Roswell until just now. Can't wait to share this with my daughter, Roo.

  16. I used to watch Roswell just to look at that guy. MMMmmm

  17. My sister and I have fallen in LOVE with that show!!! All because of you! Thank you so much for introducing us!

  18. My sister is a really upset at Stephenie Meyer. She's been watching episodes of Roswell all afternoon, and saying,"Stephenie Meyer is such a rip-off-artist!!!! I don't love Twilight anymore. It stinks. It's nothing compared to this!"

  19. Sunbum! You are so welcome. Funny thing, you aren't the only one who said that they've discovered and enjoyed Roswell through my post.

    I hope Hulu posts the next season soon!

  20. helloo there!
    the reason i got interested in twilight and went to read the books after i saw the first trailer in July 08 is EXACTLY because it was like roswell, which i love! :)


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