Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Because I love you and I want you to be happy

Winter pudge getting you down? Are you hating everything in your closet and how you look in it?

Here are a couple of no-fail items that are on sale right now, online at the Coldwater Creek Outlet, that will take your attitude from blah to fabulous, even if your hips are telling the secret that you single-handedly finished off the seven-layer dip from your Super Bowl party.

Trust me, now. I wouldn't lead you astray. I get nothing from CCO for plugging these items. I bought them, have them in my home, put them on and skipped around in front of my full length mirror, I was soooo happy to have them. I want the same happines for you.

This black Ponte Pencil skirt is a steal at $14.99. The seaming, which is hard to see in the pic is very figure flaterring. The fishtail detail in the back is super flirty. And Ladies, I am telling you it's sooo forgiving.

Okay, I know what your thinking. You are afraid to take my word for it, you are afraid to shop online because it might not fit and who wants to go through the trouble of shipping things back and forth. I hear ya. I do. But these, my friend, these sassy red slingbacks cannot be passed up. They run true to size and you don't have to wear Spanx to get them on. Hello?! Look at them! You can put a price on red hot fabulousness and it's $20.99.

Still incredulous? How does an extra 25% off or free shipping sound? I went to retailmenot.com and used a coupon code at checkout that took an extra discount off. See? Do you see? How much I love you? Do you?! And I don't want anything in return. I'm a giver. I just want you to be happy.

((((BIG HUGS from me to you))))))))


  1. first?

    oh, wrong blog.

    thanks, i knew there was a reason i loved you!

  2. Cold Water Creek and the smell of cotton candy, two of my favorites.

    Love that skirt!

  3. So much to buy, so little time and money.

  4. Wow, a celebrity blogger commented on my little random blog.

    I am in awe.

    Thank you.

    But, um I've had dental work recently and I'm trying to avoid cotton candy...even the smell. I just can't afford it.

    Did I say thank you?

  5. I can vouch for my sistah, I saw her in that skirt on Sunday and she looked fab.

  6. She looks fab on anything.

    I am on their mailing list. I bet I have visited CWC like 500 timesbetween last week and today.
    Oh and don't get me started with retailmenot.

  7. Guess what I am watching right now (more like listening to it but whatever)

    Luis Miguel: El Concierto DVD.

    ((((BIG HUGS back))))

  8. I LOVE that skirt. As I got ready for Seminary this morning I thought, doggone I wish I had some other skirts--that one is perfect. Thanks.

    And those shoes are adorable.

    BTW, thanks for the note on your sidebar about leaving the door open on your front loader washer--didn't know.

  9. "Super flirty"? I am so there. :)

  10. The shoes are super cute, and I'm in LOVE with the skirt! But I can't get the coupons to work because I'm lame and stuff! :S

  11. My sources tell me to use the code WKH1362 (all caps) on the first page of checkout. The discount will appear on your order review. This code should be good until 2/16

    Codes can be fickle what wouldn't work for me one day, would work the next. I can't explain it.

    If that doesn't work, try a free shipping code. It will still save ya $$.

    And if none of those work...it's decision time. Will you buy it cuz ya love it or will ya let it go for a better deal later? It's a tough choice, not without it's risks.

  12. Annie - please give an update on the woman who made your apron. Is she still in business? Was her husband ever found?

  13. I love the shoes! I love the skirt! I want to buy them!

    I just saw that I am on your sidebar, showcasing Wee Edward. I feel famous.

  14. Anon- Her husband was never found.

    She is planning a Grand Re-Opening of her Etsy store, BellaStyle. No date for that yet.

    Thanks for asking.

  15. Loving that skirt. Does it smell like cotton candy?

  16. Here is a new code I just received this morning for $20 off a purchase of $80 or more.

    use Offer Code: WKH1382

    Good until 2/11

  17. Gotta love those discount codes. I got 2 over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders for $15 from Victoria's Secret once.

  18. I love the skirt and I just bought one! Thanks so much! Great blog!

  19. I'm still so happy with my purchases. I went back and bought another skirt in the next size down because I am dropping weight like it's hot! I was able to get 25% off again from the retailmenot.com coupon! Woot!

  20. My skirt arrived and it's so cute! Thanks for the info, YAY! :D

  21. Wow.!! I am totally in love with those red shoes. Well, I too always use coupon codes when shopping.


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