Friday, September 11, 2009

Freaky, Frenchy, Friday Night

Tonight, I got my red-neck on and used my deep fry'r for the first time.
The French fries were so golden and crispy and delicious that they were eaten before I could get an after picture.
Do you remember the Easter tree?

It's been given a new life or should I say, "a new death." Muwahahaha!


  1. Margaret seriously needs to come live with you.

  2. with that fryer in the house you will be the queen of may end up the chubby queen, but queen, none the less. ;)

    we actually have a built in fryer in our house- my hubby insisted- next house, i'd like to trade it for a steamer!

  3. It's best that I divert my eyes when you post about the fryer. For reals.

    But that tree is awesome!

  4. Yay for crispy fries!

    That tree's death is awesome.

  5. I am a loving that tree!!!

    Yummy fries. Bad for my hips though ;)

  6. Cute tree! I love ore-ida fries too! I always just cook them in the oven, but I bet they're way better fried!

  7. The best fried onion rings I ever had were at your house. Your sil made them.
    Good times.
    Love that tree.
    Halloween is where it's at.

  8. Dear Anniethology,

    It has come to our attention that you have purchased and have utilized a deep fat fryer for at least one meal. We hope you enjoy your new appliance for many years to come.

    Unfortunately, until you give notice that you have sold said fryer at your next yard sale, we have no choice but to increase your health insurance premium $1200.00 per person per month.

    Your Health Insurance Provider.

  9. Yeah! Halloween is just around the corner! Your tree is a great idea. I love it! (of course!)

  10. what is your email i need to update my address and blog on the goodmail list. also i was in town last night but didnt know how to get a hold of you so i am sorry. I did stop at the mike chicken statue

  11. Dang you are hot.

    I bet the fries were too.

  12. Holy cuteness! I need to haul out the Halloween stuff! :D


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