Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Idol, Whooz ur daddy?!" Season 9 Siobhan Magnus

El Macheen es en fuego!
The resemblance is undeniable to say the very least. The hair, the accessories, the ability to unhook their bottom jaw to hit the money note. Not only that, but if you scramble the letters in "Sanjaya" and "Sheena Easton" it spells "Siobhan Magnus!" Incredible.


  1. I actually believed you for a micro-second on that unscramble business.

  2. Who's doing the letter scrambling? The macheen or you? Whomever it is, the spell about as well as I do.

    And, "si" about the "en fuego" thing!

  3. I once thought "Sheena" was the most beautiful name for girls in existence. Luckily for Lauren, I came to my senses long before she was born! :D

  4. Whatever happened to Sheena Easton? Sanjaya I could give a rats....


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