Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogging `bout The Bachelorette

I love summer tv. A new installement of the Bachelor franchise of shows is one of the reasons. I have yet to be real excited about this season though. The other Bachelorettes seemed genuinely heart-broken after their seasons and eager for another chance at love. I have the feeling that Ali got exactly what she wanted out of her time with Jake...her own show.

Well, I think you get what you give and her bachelors all seem to be gunning for second place. Can you blame them? Three to six months of a fake engagement or your own show? Hmmm. Not that tough of a choice.

Tonight's episode featured front-runner for his own show, Frank. Frank lives with his folks, runs a retail store, probably A.E., and looks better with his glasses. Ali and Frank went from zero to ninety before the first commercial break. Ever heard of taking things slow? No time for that in make believe tv land.

Then there was confrontation between the weatherman, Jonathan, a.k.a. The Mouse and Craig, The Weasel. The mouse isn't just any mouse. He is a marginally-adorable mouse that has a cane and a hat and sometimes says clever things, sometimes. But, mostly he sounds scared to death of the Weasel.
The Weasel is evil. The kind of evil that he must practice at being that evil. Perhaps he stays awake at night planning how evil he can be or perhaps evil justs comes to him naturally.
The Weasel also looks a lot like Tori Spelling's husband, Dean. Who is also a weasel. Remember the whole cheated on his wife and two kids with Tori, while she was also married? I do, obviously. Not only do they look alike and share some weaselly tendencies, but they are also both from Canada. No disrespect to my Canadian friends. I'll say it before and I'll say it again, I've never met a Canadian I didn't like. I'm just pointing out their similar origins.

Ali dismissed her weasel after the mouse told her that he was "dangerous." But my question is,
"Who is more dangerous? The weasel that you can see coming, or the weasel that sneaks up on you?"

Apparently, Ali thought the weasel she could see coming, but I am sure their are more stealth-like weasels that will emerge as the summer weeks roll on.


  1. I am loving Frank. I just wanna eat him up.

    Craig, I also like. A lot.

    Hmmm, so many choices...

  2. You must mean the nice Craig.

    I like Roberto.

  3. I want to call Roberto "Rob" because really?

    here is my theory: TPTB really...and I mean drama. If Craig was as dramatic as it gets, they would have asked her to keep him around. So to me, this means that there are far worse weasels out there. Bring it on!

  4. Thank Heavens you cleared up who the weasel looked like. I kept thinking the whole time I was watching the show that he looked a little like Hugh Jackman. You nailed it right on, Dean he is.

    The mouse was annoying also, there Kasey who really wants to protect her heart. What is up with him?

    I could go on and on, but will spare you.

  5. I missed this! Thanx for catching me up on the show!

  6. We never watch this show, but the other night we were just bored, flipping thru channels and stopped there for a while.

    Fashionista totally called it on Roberto ;)

    I'd rather read your reviews: They are funner, smarter and I don't have to watch all the whoring (like the previews)

    My bangs thanks you Annie.

  7. just read on "Reality Steve's Blog" that she doesn't end up with any of the guys on the show. What will she do now? Something in show business for sure now.


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