Monday, February 21, 2011

Annie on the Trends: Blanketwear

I'm all for keeping up with the trends, but this pink scarf from Downeast Basics just one step away from blanketwear.

Look who else loves their pink wo0bie.

But, who am I to judge? Someone who owns this blog, who will go unmentioned, took their pink woobie to college.


  1. I think I will pass on the blanket wear. I look puffy enough!

  2. I drag my fleece blankie to the movie theater every time I go - even in the middle of the summer! It's ALWAYS cold in there!

    Too bad it's not pink! ;)

  3. I really should have one of those little blankie things, but I just haven't done it. (When I get cold, I just put on my fleece bathrobe and all is GREAT with the world).

  4. I think the fact that Rob has a pink woobie is proof of his secure manliness.....just when I thought I couldnt like him any more....

  5. I have a couple of blankies. I nap with 'em.

  6. Just wait until they come out with Snuggy with legs!


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