Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend DIY: The house with the blue door

UPDATE: Now I have my flowers planted! I am more in love with my door than ever. Whenever I am feeling "blue," I just go look at my door!

Now that I have retired from writing my Home and Garden column, I finally have time to do some of the things I've written about.

From Mega Greige to...

... Aerospace Blue.

I can hardly stand how much I love this color. It was leftover paint from my upstairs hallway. I hated it in the hallway and painted over it a few months later. I L.O.V.E. it on the frontdoor.

It took me less than two hours, with the bulk of the time being dedicated to taping off the glass and edges. I used sponge brushes for ease of application. My next project? Paint the backdoor the exact same color.

P.S. My blog is not dead yet, it's feeling better. It's feeling happy. I think it would like to take a walk. (Name that movie.)


  1. I think it looks great!
    I'm glad your blog is still alive!

  2. I am glad your blog feels better. Monte Python and the Holy Grail.

  3. Sorry, I spelled Monty wrong.

  4. I love it, too! Such a pretty color...I've always been a big fan of blue!

    Speaking of blue...I'm getting new blue kitchen counter tops in a couple weeks. This is absolutely ridiculous because the ones I have are less than a year old, but I pretty much hate them! They are mostly blackish, but they have weird teal green undertones that make me think of gangrene. Nice.

    Biggest fail EVER! :S

  5. The blue is amazing darling. Just love it!

  6. Just bought some flowers for my planters that will really set it off. Couldn't be more giddy.

  7. ya that is a nice color good luck with with the other door.

  8. You are so gutsy with color....and I LOVE it!!! Looks great (as usual!)

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  10. Love that blue door of yours. Beautiful in the eyes.

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  11. Love the door Annie. I just want you to know that I miss your consistent blog posts. I miss laughing with you and at you. :)


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