Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amanda posted toAnnie Payne
Yesterday while getting ready for church I had a dilemma and had to wonder- WWAD (what would Annie do)? I wanted to wear my cute new high heel sandals but my legs are still in winter condition - not ready to be seen in public, yet I can't stand wearing sandals with nylons, there's something about the toes looking like stuffed sausages peeking out of shoes that creeps me out. In the end I went with the sandals and no nylons (the people at church will just have to deal with their nightmares about my hideous legs in therapy). So I ask WWAD?
  I'm not opposed to going nylonless to church, but if you feel like you need nylons, which I most often do, I go with No Nonsense "Almost Bare" sandal toe in nude. So sheer you hardly know they are there, but you still get a little contol up top. Nice, right?

 Thanks for the question, Amanda:)

 Anyone else?

 You Sir, in the back with nylons on ur head...Security, get him out of here.


  1. I too, had the same dilemma on Sunday. I went with the maxi skirt,cute sandals combo...and I rocked it.

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