Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What does your Christmas tree say about you?

Angel or star? White lights or multi-colored? How you decorate your Christmas tree says a lot about your personality. Join me at Moms Everyday for the big reveal. You might learn something about yourself.


  1. Whoa - that was eerily close to home!

    Here's me: artificial tree with white lights and an angel on top! Absolutely positively NOT matchy-matchy! Eclectic memories all the way! Just one big difference: it's a one woman show. Nobody EVER helps me decorate the tree, and that's okay, because somehow I make all those Federation and Klingon war ships and Nativities and Star Wars characters and handmade grade school ornaments and Indiana Jones and Baby's 1st Christmas and exquisite crystal icicles work together and look perfectly balanced because lopsided would bug me!

    Yep, a perfectionist nerd.

  2. Your tree sounds awesome, Nancy!


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