Monday, July 15, 2013

One thousand little trips for one big one

We've been planning a big family adventure to Costa Rica, Land of Pure Life, or as they say in Costa Rica, "La tierra de la Pura Vida." This is our first time to take the children out of the country. There's a lot to consider: passports, shots, safety, Spanish lessons, family-friendly accommodations and adventure gear for a family of five!

I've been taking a thousand little trips in preparation for our one big trip. Several of those have been to Mesa Mall. With the variety of activities we'll be doing in the Central American rainforest, preparation is key. We needed shoes and clothes to go from beach to trail to city streets, spelunking gear for cave touring, hydration packs for our hike up Volcan Arenal, motion sickness meds for mom:/ and heavy-duty bug spray to avoid illnesses contracted from insect bites.

I contracted dengue once before while living in Venezuela. It's like turning yourself inside out and rolling down a mountain of hammers. Dengue is definitely one of those revenge-type illnesses you wouldn't (or would;) want to wish on your worst enemy.  A recent report I read in an online Costa Rican newspaper said that cases of dengue were up this year. I shared my concern with the salesperson at Cabelas and she assured me that this repellent was highly effective and what she uses herself when she travels to tropical climes.

                                                                        (Unless you are my worst enemy.)

A couple shopping tips:

Be sure you check all the colors of the item you want to find the cheapest price. I saved more than half (no exaggeration needed) on my daughter's surf-to-trail sandals just because she was willing to go with blue and purple instead of gray and pink.

Sign up to receive texts from retailers and use coupon apps to score big discounts. I used my GeoQpons app to save a few extra $$.

Follow Mesa Mall on Facebook and Twitter to get the inside scoop on sales, last-minute bargains and activities for the kids with the Kidgits program

I don't know how many more little trips it will take to finally have all the things we'll need for our big trip, but at least I know I won't need a head lamp or bug spray to find it all at Mesa Mall. 

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