Friday, July 11, 2008

In case you are interested...

Click here to read my latest Home and Garden article. I would like to thank my fellow "homies" for taking part in the informal poll! Do you have any suggestions for topics for my next article?


  1. I suffer from C.H.A.O.S. for sure!

    FlyLady sounds amazing! :)

  2. Suggestions From The Suggestion Box That Went Straight To The Shredder:
    Paying your kids to pick up insect carcasses

    Newfangled green "enviro" cleaners versus traditional products. (I want to see Mr. Clean jell-o wrestling with Al Gore.)

    Using your home's hidden 'Panic Room' to throw all your crap into when you get that call from the Bishop/RS Pres./your boss/snooty friend that they're on their way over to your house.

    Converting your family's prodigious poop output into valuable fertilizer for your home garden.

  3. My half serious/half humorous article idea is this....

    How does one keep one's home sparkly clean and inviting all summer with heathen children running amuck in it all day?

    My top suggestions for keeping my home clean in the summer (and this is no lie) -1. camps (lots of 'em) and 2. leaving right after breakfast every morning and not coming home until dinner time. It keeps things reasonably tidy. :)

  4. You know what I want? I want to instead of going to a candle party or a marital aids party or a scrap/crap party go to a 'help someone else paint their living room' party. I would show up for that. You'd only need to invite a few people--preferably able-bodied women who can help move furniture. You could do it in 2 weeks: week one = prep; week two = painting.
    If you attend 3 parties for someone else, you are then welcome to host your own.
    Doesn't this sound like a good idea? Tell me where my logic is faulty here, Payney. Fix the errors and there is your next article.

  5. And my daughter just covered the monitor in chapstick.
    Why? What purpose would that serve?

  6. How about coupons? Best ways to stretch your grocery dollars?

  7. so glad you included that lifeorganizer site. I am a SAHM by day and a professional organizer by night, sorta not kidding LOL! and I hadn't seen that site before. thanks!

    good luck on the next article. I like the suggestions so far. I'd be interested in reading about the different flower bed types... nice and neat ones, do they have a name, Verses that wildflower all over the place kind. do they have names, etc.


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