Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer is great at Grandma's

Grandma's swing and Grandma's treehouse.


  1. I'm loving that the swinging trio is silent for the whole 12 seconds! That's awesome and looks so fun.

    I always loved Grandma's house for swings and treehouses! They are the best. . oh and of course her treats:)

  2. O.k. this is bad, but I kept thinking the swing was going to go kerplop! But then you wouldn't have been able to title your post "Summer is great at Grandma's." It would have been "Broken Arm at Grandma's!" ;)

    Isn't visiting Grandma the best!?! :D

  3. Makes me want to go play at grandma's. Not my grandma's, your kids' grandma's.

    My grandma only has Popsicles now. All her grandkids are old;)

  4. fun to catch up on your blog! fun summer time stuff!!!

    I do have a private question for you if you would please email me at


    thank you very much.

    Here's to more fun in the sun!

  5. OMGOSH!!! She so cute and soft :D Awww. I just love Mini-me.
    Ok, and the cute boys too :)

    Whose doggie?

  6. Wow! That's the perfect kid land! :)


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