Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blogger, Whooz Ur Daddy?! Installment 1

Per Tiburon's request,
"What do I have to pay you to do one of this for the Tibster?"
I put her picture through the "Idol, Whooz Ur Daddy?!" DNA Macheen. I cannot be held responsible for what comes out. The Macheen has a mind of its own.
Ed Begely Jr. + Bonnie Hunt + Hotness + Charisma = Tibs

Tibs has always reminded me of Christina Applegate.

If you go to and combine Tibs and Christina, this is what you get!

Christina should be so lucky.


  1. I LOVE IT! You are officially my favorite person in the whole wide world. I don't think a single person has ever said I look like Christina Applegate.

    Ed Begley I am not so sure about - but both he and Bonnie are funny - so I will take it.

    Christina Applegate though? For that - I owe you a make out...

  2. :)

    Apparently,The Macheen thinks you get your beautiful blue eyes from Ed.

    As for the "make out," will you settle for a LAH (Long Awakward Hug)with some added hair sniffing?

  3. I knew I had a girl crush on Tiburon for a reason! Lucky you for the makeout. Heads up - she's all talk, never puts out. Just sayin....

  4. All ABOUT the long awkward hug.


  5. The Macheen is always right.

    I can totally see Tib in C Applegate. WOW!

  6. Love the macheen!

    The morph pic is the awesome.

  7. It is uncanny the resemblance. You are good at this.

    I've got nothing funny to say. Too tired after a fun day with wedding dresses and lunch with soon to be my new daughter, Frog.

  8. Not too bad...BTW-your last one is much better than the time you compared yourself to a dog.

  9. Does anyone dare to volunteer to be next?

  10. Pretty Tibs! Way to go macheen!

  11. She totally looks like Christina Applegate! Amazing!

    Can you please do one for me? I will give you something.


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