Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anniethology on Idol: Finale Recap via Facebook Comments

Annie Clark Payne: I used to like that Jason Mraz song before the Idol Crack Choir sang it!

Annie Clark Payne at 7:44pm May 20
I didn't like that Keith Urban song until Kris sang it! That was a great duet!

Voices Carrie at 7:52pm May 20
Fergie's legs are like buttah!!

Pedaling at 7:53pm May 20
i'm behind you in my viewing- just watching norm right now- we started the show late so we could skip through the commercials- but i'll catch up- no worries. keep your commentary coming! oh, now it latifa

Annie Clark Payne at 7:57pm May 20
Bikini Ho got a boob job!

Annie Clark Payne at 7:58pm May 20
Won't fill the hole in your soul, Honey!

Voices Carrie at 7:59pm May 20
Kara! You go girl! Who knew she could sing?

Annie Clark Payne at 7:59pm May 20
Kara comes out and my son says, "Who's that?" Exactly.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:00pm May 20
Flashing the audience won't save your job now, Kara Dio-nobody-cares-what-you-think.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:02pm May 20
"Time After Time" that's our song!

B. at 8:02pm May 20
Mmmmm....Keith Urban.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:03pm May 20
I'm so glad Allyson didn't ruin this song for me. Secret Agent Man and I would have to pick a new song.

Voices Carrie at 8:05pm May 20
Keith a Kris too much cuteness to behold my eyes hurt!

B. at 8:06pm May 20
I haven't started watching yet...maybe I should do so before Hoss gets home from his bus-trip. Maybe it'll make me Hot for Hoss.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:10pm May 20
Danny and Lionel Richie an a surprisingly good combo. (Standing up and dancing like Paula.)

Voices Carrie at 8:11pm May 20
Loved it! I would buy the CD for sure.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:13pm May 20
Then I rewound it and danced again.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:18pm May 20
Adam and Kiss. They must read my blog.

Pedaling at 8:19pm May 20
kiss- looks like the macheen is for real!

Annie Clark Payne at 8:21pm May 20
I'm glad that song is over. Why do I feel like I need to repent?

Voices Carrie at 8:21pm May 20
Kiss on American Idol? Isn't that a sign of the Apocalypse?

Annie Clark Payne at 8:23pm May 20
Get your peanut butter!!!I can't watch TV without a remote, DVR, a laptop, and a Diet Coke.

Voices Carrie at 8:27pm May 20

Annie Clark Payne at 8:28pm May 20
Carlos Santana: Guitar solos make me sleepy. The carbotose coming over me from the cookies isn't helping either. It's the Idol Crack Choir, again.

"Idol Crack Choir and I don't care. Idol Crack Choir and I don't care. Idol Crack Choir and I don't care. They're talent's gone away."

Annie Clark Payne at 8:29pm May 20
Another perfectly good song jacked up!

Voices Carrie at 8:30pm May 20
I love me some Santana! Idol Crack Choir, not so much.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:33pm May 20
"I was born a poor black boy." This must be a lowlight for Steve Martin's career.

Megan Joy was this year's Sanjaya!

Voices Carrie at 8:34pm May 20
What's with Steve Martin and all the banjo playin'?!

Annie Clark Payne at 8:40pm May 20
Anoop would have a stellar career in Bollywood.

Voices Carrie at 8:40pm May 20
OH NO just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!

Annie Clark Payne at 8:42pm May 20
Both Kiss and Rod scared me as a kid. Kiss for obvious reasons. Rod, I think because to a little kid he sounds like he is about to die.

Voices Carrie at 8:42pm May 20
Poor old Rod Stewart almost biffed it...did you see it?

Annie Clark Payne at 8:45pm May 20
I thought it was an awkward little Mega Joy shuffle.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:47pm May 20
I'm going to be Tatiana for Halloween.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:49pm May 20
Please God let Whitney come out. Please Dear God!

Voices Carrie at 8:49pm May 20
and I'll be Norman Gentle.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:49pm May 20
Idol will never be big enough for Whitney.

Voices Carrie at 8:51pm May 20
Whitney will never be sober enough for Idol.

Voices Carrie at 8:53pm May 20
Finally I've been waiting all season for Adam to sing Queen!!

Annie Clark Payne at 8:57pm May 20
HA! Thanks everybody! You've been a great audience. The Clark Sisters will be here all week!

Voices Carrie at 9:00pm May 20
SYTYCD starts tomorrow yay!!!

Annie Clark Payne at 9:02pm May 20

Voices Carrie at 9:02pm May 20

Annie Clark Payne at 9:03pm May 20
I've finally picked a winner!!!!

Annie Clark Payne at 9:03pm May 20
It's hard being right.

Voices Carrie at 9:05pm May 20
Wow! I was hoping but I didn't think he would win!

Pedaling at 9:08pm May 20
i am so happy-even if i did find a an hour ago...still really really happy!

Voices Carrie at 9:09pm May 20
Stupid DVR cut off in the middle of his song

Annie Clark Payne at 9:10pm May 20
Thanks for not ruining it for me, Pedaling.

Voices Carrie at 9:26pm May 20
El Jefe came home and we're watching it all over again

Annie Clark Payne at 9:27 May 20

We lost the presidency, but won American Idol! Vindicated!!


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  2. The FB commentary was delightful. You echoed the things I was saying to my daughter in my family room!

    Congrats on winning. My carpal tunnel flared up again after hitting redial for 2+ hours last night.

  3. Best.finale.ever.

    Sooooo glad that Kris won instead of that drag queen!

  4. Haven't watched all season, but I have a funny thing for we watched it! A little crazy I might say, but fun to watch. I think your commentary was pretty entertaining!

  5. That's 2 happy endings this week.
    1st survivor
    and now idol.
    i'd say it's been a good week.
    are there any elections coming up soon, looks like we're on a roll.

  6. Reading that recap makes me feel like I was there.

  7. I am sad I missed all the fun :(
    But I love being able to read the recap :) Thanks Annie.

    "Pedaling: kiss- looks like the macheen is for real!"
    Got that right, yay!

  8. I managed to watch the start of the season, only to catch the finale.


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