Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't the best MJ tribute, evah!

The screen shot is misleading. Watch the vid to see what Bryan a.k.a. AfricanoBoi thought of the MJ tribute.





  1. Thanks for the warning I only lost 2:28 min of my life.

    I was one of the few who did not watch the funrea. Instead my son and I caught grasshoppers most of the day.

    Saw little bit of it on the news. Just enought to "wet my whistle" for a little taste of what the worlds version of a "kings" funreal was like.

  2. P.S. Ditto on the rest in peace Michael. I really do like you and your music.

  3. I is missing M de la C too now!

  4. the h on my keyboard often doesn't print/type
    it's annoying sometimes i say tings like tat!

    didn't watch the much of the funeral broadcast, but saw some of it later that night on news clips
    and that one made my cry a little.
    i'll admit it.

    cute kids.

    you know it's really too bad he didn't pass on some of those awesomely talented genes of his down....guess it all goes along with that self hate thing he had goin' on.

    looking forward to august....

  5. Thanks for the warning, I refrained. I'll keep those precious minutes

  6. Where did you find that guy he's hysterical! SOsorryboutmystickin'spacebarItypeslowenoughasitis..itdoesn'thelpmyproblemonebit.

  7. Ionlylostabout30secondsofmylife.

    That's all I had to give and it was enough.

  8. Hmm he reminds me of....Eddie Murphy! and like Valerie, Ionlylostabout30secondsofmylifealso.


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