Saturday, July 25, 2009

This lucky, lucky lady shares her woes on her blog

I've thought a lot about what my blog means to me.

When I started my blog, I used it to entertain myself with the hope of entertaining others, as well.

Eventually, someone decided I knew something and my blog also became a way to proliferate information, as well. Which made me a little uncomfortable, because then I felt the need to write something worth proliferating.

Rolling toward four years of blogging, I'm wondering if I am missing out on some kind of opportunity by not marketing myself. I have never earned one red cent from my blog, but, apparently, there are people out there that think I should and I could. But, my fear is the minute I benefit monetarily from my blog, it will become my business and therefore my job and ultimately I would hate it.

My blog has also never been a place for me to share my woes. I figure everyone has woes of their own and if they are coming to "Anniethology" it's because they want know who the Idols daddies are or they want a peek into the life of nearing middle-age suburban housewife who can't understand why all of her friends are famous and she is not.

No, my friends, complaints about my life will be few and far between, because, honestly, I don't have very many complaints. I am a lucky, lucky lady.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, which I think the faithful are dwindling rapidly because am breaking one of the cardinal rules of blogging: "You read my blog, I'll read yours." Not that I don't think you are interesting, I do. I just haven't read your blog lately. Sorry.

Where was I? Right. If you are a regular reader of my blog you may notice that I don't blog a lot about my children or post a lot of pictures of them. If we are Facebook friends, you know I am a proud mama. But, "Anniethology" is and has been my own. It's not about my kids. I share my whole life with my kids. "Anniethology" is about me, hence the name, which I am starting to hate, but that's another post for another day, perhaps when the kids return to school.

So, after all that rambling on, I am going to change the purpose of my blog. I'm not out to entertain you today. It's the American Idol off-season. I don't have any unpaid product endorsements for you, either.

I am here to talk about my woes, post a picture of my kid, and ask for money.

I've put my life on hold the past few weeks to help my daughter through a medical issue. I know I'm being ambiguous. I'll talk about my woes, I just won't wallow in the details. I've been accused of being an optimist to a fault, but I think that's what has gotten me through these past few days. Look at that kid. She takes after her mother. Look at her smiling just minutes after surgery. Don't pity us. She is doing great. We are 99.9% sure the scary part is over.

If you are so compelled to make a donation to my Paypal account, don't bother. I was only kidding about the asking for money. Secret Agent Man has provided us with excellent insurance. Remember, I said I was a "lucky, lucky lady?"


  1. My goodness! I don't know what to say except that I sincerely hope all is well - keep on optimising it up. It can't hurt, right? And blessings on that baby's head!!!

  2. As a mother of a child who once spent too much time in a hospital (aside being born, one HOUR is too much time for a child to spend in a hospital) I send you my love and support. You're a fantastic mother. Also, sending love and kisses to my future Daughter-in-Law. Hope you get better soon, MiniMe.

  3. Torn between Carnac the Magnificent, or Carmen Miranda.

    (waiting for tomatoes to be thrown)

    She looks fabulous!

  4. Annie - what the crap is going on?! Of course I am here to support you any way that I can!

  5. i am glad the scary part is over.

    i like the name anniethology. keep it.

    and kudo's to secret agent man for covering the next guys healthcare woes...

  6. I'm sorry your little one was in the hospital but so glad that she is doing better. Optimism is a wonderful trait to have,I think it makes a big difference! *HUGS* to you,your family and your brave little girl.

  7. I vote for Carmen Miranda, she looks stylin. I hope everything is alright and keeps improving.

  8. I do have to admit that I miss your comments. But it does not keep me from fallowing you. I always find that I laugh or learn something from reading your blog. I am sorry to see that your daughter has been ill, pray and hope all is well soon. I was ready to donate if needed.

  9. I read what I want to read, not because someone reads my blog, so I'm here for good. You can't get rid of my, except by going private and not inviting me, (which would make me sad)

    You little one is so sweet and it's hard to watch our children suffer, even when they are doing well. We are keeping you in our prayers, because you don't need pay pal to do that;) and because it is the one thing we can do that will have the biggest impact.

    Love ya beautiful! Keep your name. It's perfect.

  10. I love reading because you are an optimist (I don't think I was in that line when it was given out, and it has been difficult for me to develop).

    So glad your beautiful girl is doing well.

    I love the name--don't change it.

  11. I've been praying for you and your family.
    I love you just the way you are...but I appreciate when you show vulnerability.

    Keep up the good work, Mini Me. You too, Mom.

  12. WHAT THE??!!??!!

    You have a league of blogging buddies who will do anything to help you and yours.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

    And your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!

  13. I love your optimistic outlook! Life can be hard and crumby and it's nice to have something to make us laugh and smile:)
    I hope everything with your daughter is good...what a scary thing for a mom!!

  14. Sending love and prayers your way! She is beautiful!

  15. Annie-love ya...I really do. You are amazingly optomistic...just know that it's okay to be human sometimes;) Please don't be afraid to tell someone (like me...hint hint) if you need anything. You truly are an ispriration to me Annie. Mini-you...keep your head up! You have a great mama to watch over you.

  16. I don't mind that you have more important things to do than reading my blog. There are priorities!
    I hope things continue to look up for your sweet baby girl! Prayers are coming your way!
    Also...I really love the Anniethology name and vote that you keep it, but I will stand behind you, whatever you decide!

  17. You will let us know...what is going on..
    God Bless Your family!

  18. Annie,

    I'm so sorry. You and your family will be in my prayers!

  19. I'm a faithful reader, just not faithful in commenting. Sorry to hear about your daughter, glad to hear the scary part is past. She's a cutie, even after surgery. Big hugs and hope all is well again soon.

  20. Glad to hear that the scary part is past. Keep your chins up mom and daughter.

  21. Oh my goodness! Your poor precious Mini Me! She's so brave, smiling like that! I hope all is well for her by now.

    So you posted this the day I left for Girls' Camp, and I had no idea. After returning, it always takes me a week to recover from the 5 days of very little sleep. So here I am, FINALLY! I am one of those faithful readers, and although I apply the "cardinal rule" to nearly every other blog out there, it will never apply to YOU! When you showed up at my door last summer, that was far better than if I were to get a BAZILLION comments on my foolish blog! I sure do ♥ you!

  22. Poor Mini Me! And yet she is still gorgeous with even that head thingamajig on her. Takes after her mother, she does. Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  23. glad all is well enough to blog.

    You need to have her watch the movie Annie as she takes that head bandage off. she can pretend she is Punjab. :)


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