Sunday, October 25, 2009

Because I love you and I want you to be happy...

...we are going to play a little game.

Lately, I have had some friends come to me asking for advice or another point of view, which I am more than happy to give. Everyone could use another voice in their head every once in a while. (What's that? Shhh... be quiet. I'm typing here. We'll talk later.)

Anywho...I figured there might be a few more of you out there, that need some advice, but are afraid to ask, so we are going to play the Spaghetti Noodle Game. Here's how it works:

Have you ever heard that if want to test your noodles to see if they are done, you throw them against the wall? If the noodle sticks, they are ready. Now, this seems ridiculous to me. I don't know why anyone in their right mind(s) would throw their food against the wall when they can just eat it to test to see if it's done. I didn't say it made sense, I just wondered if you've heard that. (You have? Great, but I'm not asking you, I'm asking them. Sshhh... I said we'd talk later.)

So, I'm going to take this pot of spaghetti noodles, full of random advice, and I am going to throw it out there. If any of it sticks to you, you are welcome.

Sometimes when things are stressful, spouses say things they don't do mean or speak without thinking. At moments like this, give each other a pass. Make up a little coupon that says, "This pass entitles you to immediate forgiveness for the dumb thing you said when we were in a stressful situation." Give your spouse a few and keep some for yourself. They may come in handy. Don't dwell on it, harp on it, or drag it on. Just forgive.

If you haven't touched that lotion, shampoo, perfume, makeup, tonic, or potion in the past 3 months, throw it out.

If you can't turn in a movie on time, sign up for Netflix.

Don't waft the blankets.

If your new shoes are a little big there are these pads with adhesive on the back that you can buy and put them on the inside heel of the shoe.

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Did I mention that I love you?

You would be surprised at how little people think of you. They don't think you are little, they just don't think about you as much as you may think they they think about you.

Sometimes the voices in your head are just trying to help. (Yes, I told them about Netflix. Gimme another second. I have to click "Publish Post," then we'll talk.)


  1. Yep, I've tried that foolish spaghetti-on-the-wall thing. It sticks even BEFORE the spaghetti is done! Taste testing is the way, baby!

    I love the forgiveness pass idea!

    We just signed up for Netflix last week, and it's awesome! :)

  2. I'm a firm believer in the 'pass' notion.
    Can I ask for advice? I seriously need some before my Prim. Pres. meeting today at 10:30. Call me.

  3. Great post. The "pass is definatly the way to go"

    And just a tip.. if you want to throw the spagetti at the wall, make sure your kids don't see you doing it... or you might just end up with spagetti on the ceiling.. What?! lol

  4. there were things in this mix that i truly needed to know!

    can't wait for the next installment of spaghetti noodle!

  5. Love it! Yeah, don't waft the blankets!!

  6. You should make this a monthly feature...

  7. I like this sticks. Thanks!

  8. I think I'll have spaghetti for dinner, everyone agree? Yes? OK let's head for the kitchen. (Hooray the kitchen) (Off we go to the kitchen) (Oh great, another meal that someones going to complain about) (Shut-up party-pooper) (Hey, shut-up's a bad word) (who you tellin' to Shut-up?) Everyone be quiet Momma's trying to cook spaghetti!

    Great post!

  9. That whole people not thinking about you as much as you think about them is something that my husband needs to internalize. We have had numerous discussions where he said he thought ward members were judging him and I had to tell him that it was very likely they hardly thought about him at all as he was not the center of the universe or the most important person in the ward.

  10. That's a pot full of good noodles, er . . . I mean advice :)

    I must admit I did indeed have to inform my hubby that wafting the covers was NOT necessary after his flatulence. In fact, it was not desired either ;) We still laugh about that convo to this day.

  11. I know someone who had a wooden plaque hanging over her stove with fruit designs painted on it who specifically kept it there as a backdrop to throw her spagetti on to see if it was done. She swore by this method.

  12. Maybe its for people like me who eat so much while they are cooking it that they have no room left for dinner?

    Don't waft the covers made me laugh.

  13. Great post! Funny, full of important reminders.
    Glad I found your blog.


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