Thursday, October 8, 2009

In honor of National Poetry Day and my favorite month

I love poetry that is accessible and relatable. I don't like reading poetry that requires a secret code to understand. I think that negates the purpose of being a writer; to clearly communicate your message. This is an example of one of my favorite poems about my favorite month.


The month is amber,

Gold, and brown.

Blue ghosts of smoke

Float through the town,

Great V's of geese

Honk overhead

And maples turn

A fiery red.

Frost bites the lawn.

The stars are slits

In a black cat's eye

Before she spits

At last, small witches,

Goblins, hags,

And pirates armed

With paper bags,

Their costumes hinged

On safety pins,

Go haunt a night

Of pumpkin grins.

-John Updike


  1. Well done! And I am really digging the black and white photo!

  2. I love that poem, and I love that I can understand it! :)

  3. Love the poem!! I just found your blog- totally cute! Great apron in your pics!

    I'm adding you to my blogroll!
    Homemaking Cottage Blog

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