Monday, December 21, 2009

Tiger Woods, you gone and done a bad, bad thing

I'm not going to say that I am surprised. Fidelity isn't a common attribute among professional athletes, but I would say that I am disappointed. Most men, like him, you see coming from a mile away, but Tiger, you wouldn't expect it of him and that makes him even more dangerous. But this is what happens, my ladies, when a man gets too successful and too rich. He starts to think the rules don't apply to him. That's why I like my men po' and humble. Secret Agent Man is too busy to bother with another woman and he couldn't afford another woman anyway, I make sure of that. If he has a twenty in his wallet, I'll take it. Don't want him getting the idea that he can take someone else out to Taco Bell for lunch. Keep him broke, keep him humble, keep him home. Broke, humble, home. Nuf said.
And, I don't believe for one minute that she had no idea what was going on. I think it only became a problem for her when the rest of the world knew about it. I'm not judging. If I was married to a billionaire, I could turn a blind eye, too. Don't judge me. Don't feel sorry for these celebs and rich folk, they don't marry for love anyway. You know they don't. It's all about (ahem) the class and power that money can buy. It's the kids, the kids I feel sorry for. They have a sorry excuse for a father and that is sad. A big bag of money will keep mommy warm at night,but money can't replace what those kids are going to miss out on.


  1. I keep thinking about what Christmas will be like in the Woods' home this year. :( for the kids.

  2. First, I particularly enjoy the japanese commentary.

    Second, dude's been playah since he knew what he had in his pants. She was just the first one to get pregnant, and thus strike gold. She totally knew what was going on, but once it became public, she was going to save her own face and ditch him fast.

    And yes, the kids are the biggest losers in it all. however, with all their nannies, will they even notice?

    In wonder

  3. Keep him broke, keep him humble, keep him home. Broke, humble, home.

    well said.

    and yes what is it with the japanese comments? i get them too.

    it's all sad, but i do like how the wifey smashed the back window out with the hand iron.

  4. They had a pre-nup. They were all gold-diggers. And Tiger is no better. Here's the deal. One came forward AFTER she knew who he was. They all want money. Any thinking to the contrary is naive.

    Tiger wasn't getting something at home, and it probably wasn't related to sex. People cheat because they get pushed away in an area they need. Plain and simple. It could have been her. And how do we know she didn't?

    Point is, most celebrity couplings are not great. It's actually pretty rare.

  5. Even the poor cheat.

  6. My husband volunteers to give me all his money, so he must REALLY love me and be totally satisfied in our marriage...

  7. Gonna go out on a limb and disagree somewhat with Knot. Sometimes people cheat and it has nothing to do with what is going on at home. Meaning, you could be married to someone perfect and still have issues which Mr/Mrs Perfect can't fix.

  8. I've had a man-crush on Tiger since 1996. Like many others, I'm disappointed. He spent much of the early part of his career stressing the importance of the positive influence of his family and how that led to his success. So when he asked the public and the media for privacy, I was led to believe that was because he wanted to lead a "normal" family life, and to have that for his kids. Sure, what he did to Sam and Charlie was sad, but he lied to ME.

    Though he's entitled to some privacy, he needs to remember that he doesn't make his money by playing golf. He makes his money because people are willing to pay to watch him play golf. What he does off the course matters, and for the foreseeable future, he won't get the benefit of the doubt when he asks for privacy. I hope to see some changes in his attitude towards the media and the public. If not, I'll be even more disappointed (and may be compelled to break up with him).

    Lucky for him, he's still one of the most dominant athletes of this generation, and the best player in his sport (by a wide margin). Had this happened a few years later in his career, that could have been the end.

  9. In no way do I condone what he's done, and I'm not criticizing you, Annie, or anybody else who wants to write or talk about it, so read what follows as sincere questions, not a diatribe:

    Why is this such a white-hot national obsession? Why is it something that takes up so much time on the news, in the press and on the internet? It's not like he's the first (nor will he be the last) celebrity clown to cheat on his wife.

    Is it simply because of his level of fame? The amount of money he makes from his fame? The fact that he's dropped his drawers so many times and with so many different women?

    Is it because all this while he's projected a wholesome family-man image when his behavior in private is anything but? Is it because we don't expect 'playas' to be in the dignified and thoroughly boring world of golf? Or is it just because Americans love juicy, titillating stories about celebrity naughtiness and we love to watch them crash and burn.

    I don't know. It just seems like he's getting so much more attention than other athletes and celebrities who've done the same thing, and I wonder why that is.

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