Monday, January 18, 2010

My Golden Globe Tweets. Consider yourself warned.

#goldenglobes are over. Just in time tynleol pmmmmm m kicken n.
James Cameron says "Give it up for yourselves." Yay me!!! #goldenglobes
Linda Hamilton must be eating her heart out right now. If she would have held on to James Cameron a few yrs longer couldve had more $$.
Didnt they used to break up the monotony of the awards with performances of the nominees for best song? I miss that. #goldenglobes
I think took ceramics from Jeff Bridges down at the rec center. #goldenglobes
I feel warm and fuzzy inside and cant hold my head up.
Its Lady Gaga without the get-up! #goldenglobes
When Sandy wins its like we all win. #goldenglobes
Colored feathers. I broke NBC. #goldenglobes

jdoiefiei;foeje;gjeiaj vv zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Did he say butt nick?
Took a couple tylenol pmmm dont no how muchh longerrr i can tweeee... from web
Just hand over the statue to Sue Sylvester. She makes Glee. #goldenglobes
The Area 51 scientist that was strangled by an alien on Independence Day was ressurected and made Avatar. #goldenglobes
Woohoo! The nineties finally coughed up one of its best actresses, Jodi Foster! Good to see you again, Girl! #goldenglobes
I still see Leo as Gilbert Grape. Match in the gas tank. Boom-boom! #goldenglobes
Best Fake Laugh goes to Brenden Fraiser. #goldenglobes
Best cleavage of the night goes to Halle Berryl. #goldenglobes
Sue from Glee got the shaft. Watch out sister wife, youre about to board the Sue Slyvester Express...destination...HORROR. #goldenglobes
Worst cleavage of the night goes to Anna Pacquin. #goldenglobes
When I think of sexy secret agents. I think of my own Secret Agent Man. #goldenglobes

Alec Baldwin is at a charity event for the Human Fund. #goldenglobes

Alert Peta! Drew Barrymore flash froze a couple hedgehogs and pinned them to her dress! #goldenglobes from web
Kevin Bacon should win just for being named after the tastiest food ever. #goldenglobes
Helen Miren is one gorgeous geriatric. #goldenglobes
Raise your hand if you saw Grey Gardens. (cricket cricket) Thought so. #goldenglobes
Proof that American is getting dumber, Oscar Meyer no longer spells out its name in commercials. #goldenglobecommercials #goldenglobes
Cher broke off a piece of herself, dipped it in hydrogen peroxide and created Christiana Aguilara. #goldenglobes
There is no way Jane Krackowski can breath out of her nose.Janey Krack can & I dont care.Janey Krack can & I don't care... #goldenglobes
Michael C. Hall and his lucky do-rag! #goldenglobes
Felicity has never looked better. She has such a big heart too, she brought a homeless guy as her date. #goldenglobes
Kate Hudson tried to hide her Haiti ribbon in the folds of her origami dress, but I see u, I see u Kate H. supporting Haiti. #goldenglobes
Id be more impressed with those ribbons if the stars paid 50 thou a pop to wear them. #goldenglobes Haiti
I hope John Lythgoe doesnt keep Kevin Bacon from dancing tonight. #goldenglobes 6:23 PM Jan 17th
John Lythgoes was creepier as the preacher that would let the town dance. #goldenglobes
Miss Golden Globe is a knockout. Halle Berry who? #goldenglobes
Member whens Toni Colette was fluffy? Dang she looks so good now. #goldenglobes
Preach it Mo-mo! God is good. #goldenglobes
Chinese babies are so 2009, I'm all about adopting Haitian babies.


  1. I am with you, when do we leave to go pick up all our babies.

    Great tweets....maybe some day I will give it a try.

  2. haha - you and I had many similar thoughts. I too thought Brendan Frasier's fist/hand slap laugh was a little much. Does he want Scorese to cast him in the next project?

    I hadn't thought of hedgehog for Drew's dress but good call. I thought it looked like a coral reef and when the camera spanned down and showed that it was growing off her waist or hip I thought run for your life Drew!

    I thought about Linda Hamilton too - my thoughts were wow - is James Cameron's wife UGLY! He should have kept Linda happy.

    I totally agree about Anna Paquin's dress too - yikes! Not good, not good at all.

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  5. Those are hysterical.

    But how come nothing about Julia Roberts--my gosh, what happened to her???

    I agree--Helen Miren is simply stunning.

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