Monday, January 25, 2010

Fan or copycat. You decide. "Things I am Too Old For"

Because I've never had an original thought, I blatantly stole the idea AND some of the answers for this post from my friend Tiburon (Yes, that is her real name and it means "shark" in Spanish. No her parents weren't hippies, although they did live in San Fran, and yes they do love her.) and she apparently stole the idea from someone else. But, as they say imitation is a form of flattery and I copy because I love. Without further adieu...

Things I am Too Old For
Sleeping on the floor
Wearing a swimsuit without shorts or a skirt
Passing for a 20-something
Blue eyeliner
Sleeping past 9 am
Staying up past midnight
Saying "dude" or "sucks"
Not washing my face before bed
Borrowing money from my folks
Wearing a backpack unless I'm hiking
Eating cereal more than once a day
Going braless
Going clubbing
Eating pizza more than once a day
Borrowing clothes from a friend, a sister is okay
Wear anything with writing on the butt
Not wearing sunblock
Eating Taco Bell more than once a day
Hanging posters in my room
Keeping up with the Joneses (I am the Joneses)
Baby weight, now it's just plain old weight
Biting my nails
Not to floss
Macaroni and Cheese
Soda with sugar
Orange soda


  1. Atta girl! And all these reasons are reasons why I love you :)

  2. great list....the last 7 - i for sure would agree!

  3. Now just b/c you're too old for them doesn't mean you don't engage in at least some of them, right?
    Be honest, Annie. :D

  4. Dude, it totally sucks that you're too old to say certain words and eat Macaroni and cheese with orange soda.

  5. I will never be too old to sleep past 9 AM. I so think that you could pull off wearing clothing with writing on the butt!

    I am totally missing the sugar in my soda :(

  6. Tibs-smooch!

    Marcia- I'll be by to see your list.

    Pedaling- Did you notice some of your answers here too? I copy cuz I love.

    E-dub- Why you always tryin to out me? I do still bite my nails sometimes.

    Boy Mom- Tell me about it.

    Klin- You say the nicest stuff. Srsly. You are good to me.

  7. Too old for orange soda? Orange soda rocks. Maybe when I'm older and wiser. ;-P Now, if you'd said grape, I'd understand.

  8. Never, NEVER to old to say sucks. Especially from the pulpit or in a GD lesson. Stay young at heart my friend!

  9. Great list! Might have to copy you!

  10. Well that sucks! I guess I am too old for all of that if you are. Bummer Dude!

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  16. Annie,

    How about a list of things you're old enough to do?

    Kill the (above) spammers!

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