Thursday, February 4, 2010

Because every chicken deserves to be happy

"Funky Chicken says what?!"

I bought cage-free eggs for the first time this week. I was influenced by the mega-marketing macheen which is Mother Oprah. She showed clips from a documentary Food Inc. which I had been interested in but hadn't Red Boxed it yet.

I felt sorry for the wee little chickens, in the dark, crowded together just to make me the most delicious breakfast known to womankind, that is the Sausage McMuffin with Egg. I don't' know if Mickey D's is on board with the whole cage-free thing, that won't stop me from ordering the S.M.E. but at least I can do my part at home.

I believe that everything on this Earth has a purpose and somethings purpose is just to get eaten. But, I don't want to make its sojourn here on Earth any longer or more painful just so I can buy eggs cheaper. If someone knows of a way to make my time on Earth a little better, I'd appreciate it if they would pay it forward, too. Nuf said.
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