Monday, November 15, 2010

Everyone has a twin. Here's mine! + Monday Mysteries

Clickety here to read all about our similarities.
Now, I have to finish putting on my make-up. Skipped the mascara this morning, as I was headed to the chiropractor and all my effort to glamorize gets left on the face paper anyway.
Then off to the orthodontist with Boy #2. Will the Payne's be three for three for retainers? We will find out.
After that, I'll be on-air from 4-7pm. We will discuss, of course, Bristol Palin's chances for staying another week on DWTS. And, during the traffic report, I'll announce what is on the 5th Street Bridge. What will it be?
We will find out.
Later tonight, I am going to a Norwex party with my neighbor. I have a feeling my life is about to change. Will I spend $75 on microfiber cloths that allow you to skip cleaner all together? We will find out.
These and many more mysteries to be unveiled on this the third Monday of November 2010.


  1. Whoa...that's pretty scary! :O

    Norwex is ridiculously expensive! But I am in love with their dusting glove or mitt or whatever they call it! I also adore their glass cleaning and polishing cloths...they are very nearly miraculous!

  2. Weird about your twin!

    I have never heard of Norwex until now. Living in a small town, we always hear about these things late.

  3. OOooohhhh! I want a Twin and some of those Cloths!

  4. I can't stand the suspense! ;)

  5. Last night I bought the enviro cloth and window cleaning cloth and the lint mitt. I am hoping for nothing short of a complete life change from these products. Total? $50! My new life is going to be $$$$.

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  7. Oooo! We have to wait until 2011before we can find these answers to these questions? Hm...I think I can wait! that long :)

  8. It's still 2010? Crap! Honestly, I have not liked 2010. I can't wait for 11. I'm projectiing.

  9. Who started blogging first?
    Meh, I'm still on your team, ol' pal!


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