Friday, November 19, 2010

#FF Follow Friday: Blogs worth following

I met this sweet girl on my trip to Memphis last month. Found out today that she is a foodie and loves to write about it. Her blog is Clara Cupcake: A blog for hungry people. Shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning up food is a necessary evil for me to keep my family alive, but Clara makes it look so appealing. Check out this big cookie cake she made!
Another lady I know in real life. She is sharing her struggle with cancer. The "Big C" is so scary to me, but Jen's blog , "A Day in the LIfe of a Cancer Mommy," takes out the mystery and shares her story with a lot of heart. She's just doing her best as a wife and mother to young children, in the fight for her life. Show both of these wonderful ladies some comment love today, would ya?


  1. The cake looks very yummy! Will have to check out her blog with a rag to catch the drool. Since, I am not much of a cook.

  2. Annie, thank you. And thank you for your sweet comment.

    PS. Larry told me about waffles in nursery. I'm still cracking up. I love it! :)

  3. The picture of that giant Oreo is testing my New Years resolution.


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