Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This blog has not been abandoned... just looks like it has.
But, just like the spring rains bring life back to the desert, American Idol will breathe life back into this barren wasteland of a blog once again.
I present the continuation of Anniethology's most popular posts, "Idol, Whooz Ur Daddy?!" created exclusively for and by
Here is a look back at some of our greatest hits!
P.S. JLo, I love you. You are forever my flygirl. See you tonight.


  1. That last one is my favorite! :D

  2. I enjoy reading about AI on your blog, you make it sound so fun: I haven't watched it for several seasons now, I'll rather have cool Annie tell me about it :)

  3. Lol You so tell it like it is! Last one is my fav also!

  4. Your AI play by play is almost enough to make me want to watch. Almost!
    I'm glad you haven't deserted your blog.:D


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