Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easy fish kids will eat

My kids have always turned their nose up at fish and this was so easy I almost feel guilty. I didn't find this recipe on Pinterest, I did it the old-fashioned way. I ask a friend,

 "What are you making for dinner?" 

I told her my kids are picky eaters and would never eat it. I bought the Kroger tilapia anyway, knowing Secret Agent Man and I would eventually finish the family-sized bag of individually wrapped frozen fish. I borrowed the Tone's Citrus Grill seasoning from my friend. Seasoning, a little butter, a little olive oil on the pan to prevent sticking. Thawed fillets in the oven at 425degrees for 13 minutes or until flakely, splah a little lemon juice on cooked fish AND donesie!

The miracle of all miracles EVERYONE ATE IT  AND LIKED IT. 

Lord, take me now. I can't recreate this perfect dinner moment.


  1. I was thinking about using Lori's Salmon recipe with Talapia. Because I'm not a fish fan but I do like Talapia.

  2. I love seafood! When Hubby Man and I went out for my birthday, he got a juicy steak and I got lobster, and life was glorious and perfect while I devoured it!

    This recipe sounds yummy and easy! Hubby Man will eat the salmon I prepare (if he drowns it in hot sauce) but he really likes tilapia. Strangely enough, my very picky teenage son loves fish! Who knew?

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