Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 Easter Baskets for under $50? Yes, you can!!

Disclosure: I received a gift card from Mesa Mall to help with the cost of the purchases I made.  This post does not necessarily represent Simon Property Group’s positions, strategies, opinions, or Easter candy preferences.   The opinions and candy preferences in the following post are all my own.

There are a lot of 'no's associated with Easter:

Is there a better Easter candy than Cadbury Mini Eggs? No.

Can you dye Easter eggs without that handy-dandy little wire egg dipper? You could, but you shouldn't.

Can anyone be sexier than Yul Brynner as Rameses in the Easter season classic, "The 10 Commandments?" NO way!

BUT,  for all the 'no's there is one big 'YES'...

 Yes, you can buy 3 Easter baskets with all the fixins' for under $50! I know it, because I did it!

Armed with my *Simon Malls Gift Card I went to Target for all the Easter essentials.

I filled the **basket with three kinds of candy: a chocolate bunny (which no proper basket can be without), favie fruity candy (because good moms have to try to represent the food groups), and Peeps-on-a-Steek.  (Gross! But the kids like them, so whatever).

Bubbles for the fun factor! Yes, my kids are 14, 14, and 12, but you never grow out of blowing bubbles and if you have, I'm really sad for you :(

And new t-shirts!! Bring on the short sleeves, Baby, it's Spring!!

Finally, bunny ears! Again, my kids are 14, 14, and 12, but I'll never get tired of dressing them up in bunny ears for Easter, and if they are tired of it, that's just too bad for them!!

**Disclaimer: I went slightly over budget, by a measly $3.97.  I spent $9 on brand new wire baskets. Did we need them? No, we have other baskets at home. Did Target have less expensive baskets? Yes, but I wanted these baskets that could be reused in the kid's rooms for storage. Do I regret it? NO and no and no!

Is there anything wrong with spending more than $50 on Easter baskets? No, but you don't have to.

Could you spend a little less and still make the kids happy? Maybe, but it's a gamble. And I don't believe in gambling.

Does the Easter Bunny love you no matter what you do? YES, yes he does!

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