Friday, April 5, 2013

A post about original thoughts and Juan Valdez

I was thinking the other day about whether I have ever had an original thought. Have I ever come up with an idea or philosophy or clever quip that was truly my own, no one in history ever having said it before? I had to think long and hard. It was a challenge, indeed.

Then, I remembered 8th English with Mrs. Stites. She had us writing in journals every day. One day,
during free writing time,  I wrote in my journal,
 "The world is a coffee bean and I am Juan Valdez." 
I thought, and still think today, that it was a completely an original thought. I even Googled it and didn't find it. 

So, there ya go. Maybe original thought is possible. Does my quip about Juan Valdez have any value, deep meaning? Maybe, maybe not. 

What is your original thought? Are you sure you've had one? Have you had what you thought was a brilliant product idea and found out it's already been made?

P.S. Juancito Jr. es just as handsome as his padre. 


  1. I think I have a lot of original thoughts. I just can't think of one. I know I have good ideas.
    That muchacho Juan es muy guapo. (not an original thought)

  2. I just googled your thought, and there you were-top pick :)

  3. There's that BOM scripture that says we're either being enticed by good or by evil, there's never any in between.

    But I don't know if that also applies to original thoughts.

    Sometimes in my mind I hear a snarky voice that I could swear is my late grandfather. He's pretty funny.

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