Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anniethology Video Blog 1

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  1. Oh Annie, chin up, just think in 20 or so years you can write a best selling book about raising a juvenile delinquent bee.

    PS: I like how the sound comes out of her ears like a big child shaped speaker.

  2. Sketch-I can't even tell you the lengths I would go to in order to keep my daughter from a life of disorderly conduct. As punishment she had to sit perfectly quiet for six minutes at the dining room table.

  3. You are sooo funny! Loved the video and the ensem! :D

    Our local elementary school has a discipline program called "Make Your Day." A child who is quiet and well-behaved racks up enough points to make their day. Children who make noise or misbehave come home with a pink slip stating that they "missed their day" and a parent must sign it and return it to the teacher the next day, or the child gets ANOTHER pink slip! When my son was in kindergarten, he couldn't keep quiet to save his life, so he had a pink slip every day for the entire year! It became a joke at our house! By 6th grade, he was in the honors program and student body there! Haha! :D

  4. I Love the video blog idea!! I'm so sorry, but I just can't feel your pain on this one. You may have gotten more empathy out of me if you hadn't been wearing that adorable apron that I spent the entire time staring at instead of listening to your tragic tale of woe.

    I'm going to have to copy this idea for my blog - the video post that is, not the invisible pants!

  5. Nancy Face-All I can say is, Mini Me better marry rich.

    Sarah-I don't want to sound like a crazy stalker, but I am a Penny Fan. I love Penny stories and videos.

  6. I thought of doing a video blog... but now it would look like I was stealing Awesome Annie's idea, so I won't.
    I knew Mini-me was nothing but trouble when she chose to sing and dance ON TOP OF THE TABLE at your house.
    Good luck my sweet Annie...

  7. Tori-Table dancing?! Aaaaaaaaaack, I'm doomed.

  8. *gasp* No! Being noisy!! Horrors!

    I love the invisible pants and her plan to "bee qit."

    That apron is so cute!

  9. Move over Jessica Holmes ; ) They should send the teacher to a class of junior high school students where she will learn what it means to be noisy.

  10. hairy-It's just like a mother to blame herself for her children's mistakes, but she inherited being noisy from me.

    Yvonne-I know! Right! I wonder why Jessica's people won't return my calls.

    Mini Me's teacher is a super sweeeet lady. I heart her, big time!

  11. Awesome!

    I love the "invisible pants" and the "bee qit"

    You crack me up - and it's fun to hear what you sound like.

  12. holy moly i LOVE the video blog of annie. i think i'm with sarah, i am seriously in love with that apron and want to buy one. but seriously. you got me kind of teared up. even though you were joking, you're really GOOD at the fake crying thing. you WERE faking it right? whew. i hope so.


    That was pretty funny.

    I don't know where she gets it.

  14. How fun to hear Annie's voice. You are too cute!! You are not only the envy of your town, but the whole blog world! Too bad your life is going down the crapper! LOL Don't be too hard on mini-me, it could be worse. :)

    Bee that one of Pres. Hinckley's B's?

  15. Mary- My totally Modern Mini Me said she had an imaginary frog. When I asked her where she got it, she said she bought if off the internet.

    aubrey-I wanted one with a ruffle. Bella Boutique is in Washington, she might be your neighbor.

    b-Poor Mini Me, with all she has inherited from me, she has a lot to overcome.

    Amanda-Life is stinks so bad right now, that right after I flushed the toilet, it overflowed!

  16. Hey, I've sat on that toilet before.

    This was completely ingenious, my dear. You are a great actress - I really thought something was WRONG and I thought, noooooo... she wouldn't make a video about it, would she? You had me going!

    So adorable. All of it was adorable. I might steal your idea too, if I can get over the way I look on camera. :)

  17. Very cute blogging show, Annie! I think your episode will be up for an oscar! Your Mini Me sounds hilarious and I'm sure she will learn to bee qit!

  18. If your experience is like mine, once one slip of paper is sent home, many more will follow. I'm just sayin... ***sigh***

  19. Oh and you look so cute in your video, even if it's in the bathroom! :D

  20. Millie- You should start a Commode Christening Service. Lids lovingly sprinkled by Millie!

    Lisa-"I would like to thank Mini Me for her inspiration."

    Suzanne-Oh please no! I don't know how much my nerves can take!

  21. Don't let her go down that crack smoking road. Trust me. She won't remember how cute you dressed her.
    I've sat on that toilet too. Not with MIllie. By myself.

  22. I liked your video idea. Cute, cute!

    You can't seriously tell me that neither of your boys ever brought home a bad behavior sheet? If that is true, I need to learn your secrets to well-behaved children.

  23. Such a nice smokey, articulate voice you have.

    My kindergartner came home today and said she had a boyfriend! A what?'t, I told her. Flush.

  24. Oh, so funny. I laughed my head off. I'm so sorry that mini me had a breakdown.

    (Perhaps now is good time to mention that I am a perfectly well adjusted human being who spent my whole school career being noisy in class. I Hope I learn to bee qit soon!)

  25. you are heee-larious! You are a good fake crier too....I bet that cqame in handy a time or two didn't it!

  26. Good thing I didn't have those when I was in school. I would have had a huuuuuge stack.

    A teacher did once say on my report card I had verbal diarrhea....

  27. Carrot- I'm going to make a plaque to hang above my toilet. "Carrot sat here."

    Nikko-My twins, up to this point, have been model citizens. It ain't no lie.

    Linda-Thanks! Smooch!

    PJ-Smokey? I'll accept that. As for the "flushing". I think we have started a trend. If anyone does or says anything I don't like, I'll just "flush".

    dedee- Yay! There is hope for Mini Me. She can grow up to be creative and smart like you!

    SoDak- Fake? Whose fake?

    Amber-I don't believe it for a minute;)

  28. en·sem·ble /ɑnˈsɑmbəl, -ˈsɑmb; Fr. ɑ̃ˈsɑ̃blə/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ahn-sahm-buhl, -sahmb; Fr. ahn-sahn-bluh] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun, plural -sem·bles /-ˈsɑmbəlz, -ˈsɑmbz; Fr. -ˈsɑ̃blə/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[-sahm-buhlz, -sahmbz; Fr. -sahn-bluh] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation.
    1. all the parts of a thing taken together, so that each part is considered only in relation to the whole.
    2. the entire costume of an individual, esp. when all the parts are in harmony: She was wearing a beautiful ensemble by one of the French designers.

    Here's how I'll use your 'word of the day' in a sentence: This video blog had a perfect ensemble because there was tragedy, humor, farce, AND there was fashion. :D

  29. Maybe Mini me can write my boys when they are in jail (a couple of my boys get notes home like that a few times a jail is likely where they are headed.) I would be happy to provide the convicts in her future.

  30. Okay so i just have to jump in here and give a HUGE thank you to Annie for wearing the apron I made in her adorable blog video. So Annie, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    For those interested the Bellissima Hostess Apron in Ebony and Bone (What Annie was wearing) is available at

    My two cents on being noisy and talking a lot: Smart people just have a lot going on in their brain and need to share it :D

  31. I agree with Bella. I think the teacher needs to listen to what your sweet mini-me is saying. Then she wouldn't WANT to give her more behavioral papers :D

    So cute in your video blog. It makes me feel a teeny bit better about not making it to CO to meet you. All because I got to hear your voice.

  32. Well Annie where else would a glamour girl like you have her video debut? But in the.... uh um 'powder room' :> Does she even know the angst and potetial gray hair she caused you? Well there you have it the most memorable performances are born out of angst so you could be thanking her for launching your u-tube career just like Miss Teen South Carolina.

  33. Bee Qit!
    This was the bestest video-blog ever. No really, it was. I know about these things.

  34. As long as she doesn't marry the convicts...

    My report card said, "Talks without permission."

    I guess that's why I blog. I can say what I want when I want. Maybe Mini Me could channel her creativity into a Mini blog.

    It was fun to hear your voice since I missed out on the Partay!

  35. Invisible Pants? Maybe she's going to grow up to be the official outfitter of The Invisible Man!

    My custom flip-flops look the house or in the outhouse. Thanks for the shout-out!

  36. Love the Video, can apperciate how you are feeling!!At least they did not make her come to an early morning enrichment class ( 6am ). My son spent a weeek 3 different times in a morning enrichment class for being tardy, to 1st period. After I had dropped him off early. What happen, could have been the skate park across from the Jr High made him go hang out. Drawing him in an making him stay until after the tardy bell rang.

    I love her drawings. She is very artistic!

  37. Holy crap.

    I'm so sorry.

    But at least you looked so great in your ensemble.

  38. I'm going to make you my Flip Flop Mama supermodel when I start my thong design business!

  39. I love you all.

    Thanks for stopping by Bella.

  40. Minime's best long distance friend, Smily Jo, came in and watched this clip. She was so shocked at MiniMe and then said that she wished that they were in the same class. boohoo. (probably so that they could be loud together)
    Love the video!
    Love the Apron!
    BTW we are doing retro aprons in an enrichment class that I am teaching.
    You deserve an Oscar!

  41. HA HAAAAA HA HAAAA! Welcome to my world baby! Only mine were calls home for him knocking another kids tooth out on the bus!
    I love this Annie video post. You're a natural, and my kids were highly entertained as well. They asked me to play it again and again! Please continue!

  42. okay, the comments here are as funny as the're toilet did not really overflow?!!

  43. How did I miss this post?? Glad you like the earrings :) And that apron is so cute!
    Your story is so sad. She must get it from your husband's side of the family...

  44. What?! I missed this somehow too. Annie, you two deserve two thumbs up,5 stars, and an academy award!!!


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