Friday, August 24, 2007

Good Mail Girls; The Resurgence

re·sur·gence (rĭ-sûr'jəns) noun

1. A continuing after interruption; a renewal.
2. A restoration to use, acceptance, activity, or vigor; a revival.

Many of you Good Mail Girls out there may be feeling like me lately. I would love to get out some Good Mail, but I just haven't had the time. Consequently feelings of pressure or guilt have ensued. I don't want to feel that way. I don't want anyone else to feel that way. Good Mail is about fun and thoughtfulness. Remember our mantra? No rules, no quotas, just thoughtfulness through the mail.
Now that all the summer partays are over and my three kids are back in school all day, I am able to catch up on some of the things that I do just for me. Good Mail is one of them. I love to give and I love to receive. My mailbox has been feeling a little lonely lately. That is an indicator to me that if I want to get, I better get to givin'.

Here are some ideas to get you into the spirit of resurgence for Good Mail.
1. I love postcards! The bloggers that visited me last weekend can attest to the bulletin board on my desk that holds some of my most recently received postcards. I want to know where you have been this summer. I want to know where you live and what is special about it. I am sure others do too. Send out a postcard.
2. I have attended 3 stampin'/card makin'/scrapbookin' type parties this summer. I am going to share some of the cards and techniques that I have learned with the Good Mail Girls. Have you done any paper crafts this summer that you would like to share?
3. Fall is rapidly approaching, with it comes cooler weather. I love me a pot of cheesy potato soup. It's the ultimate comfort food. I do not consider myself a cook, but I know that many of you are. How about sending out some of your favorite stew recipes?

Thoughtfulness begets thoughtfulness. I hope that your mailbox will soon see a resurgence of Good Mail. Thanks to all who participate. If you aren't a part of a Good Mail group and you would like to be, check my sidebar for the links to a few ladies who currently have Good Mail groups going. See ya at the post office!

Good Mail Tip: Don't hide inside your mailbox.

Sorry about that. Here this will make you feel warm and fuzzy. I promise.


  1. Annie,

    Hello There. I am back from Ohio! I am glad that we didn't go this week. You know, with them getting all of that rain and HELLo its flooding there.
    We drove to OHIO! 1,800 miles one way. 3,600 total. We all lived. We had a good time. Brooke's first time to OHIO. She thought it smelled like GUTS?! Makes me wonder how many times my 6 year old has smelled GUTS!?
    Hope that you had a good summer.
    Sorry that I missed the PARTAY! Maybe next time!
    LUNCH? Call me.

  2. Thank you Good Mail Girls!
    I have gotten a lot of really great notes and stuff....I hope to be visiting your mailboxes soon!

  3. Awww. I love me a cute smiling bunny. Thanks for the Good Mail reminder. Maybe you could do a post about what people do with their Good Mail after they get it (bulletin boards, or what).

  4. Thanks for this post. I've been a slacker lately. I may link to this post as a reminder/idea giving/guilt trip... ;)
    Thanks Annie!! (((HUGS))) to you. :)

  5. Now who shoots randomly into a mailbox?

    Cheesy potato soup...mmmm...I would love the recipe for that!

    Thanks for the pep talk. It's just what I've been needing to get my Good Mail behind going.

  6. Those were some great ideas. I love to do the giving and receiving, too.

    Ok, now who carries a gun and shoots into a mail box! That is just twisted. I am so glad you warned me. I will not be hiding in my mailbox anymore;)

  7. Thanks for the inspiring post!!!! I was doing so good until August hit:):) But I have an awesome chili con carne recipe (that won first place in our ward chili cookoff) that I think I will send out. I collect postcards too so maybe I'll send some of those out too:):)

  8. I've totally sucked at good mail. We've had sooo much going on lately. But I'll be back with it soon!

  9. Paisley! I love Paisley!

    I'm a reciprocator Good Mail Girl only. Send me something and you'll get something in return. Tit for Tat. Scratch my back and I'll scratch your back. Share the love and you'll get the love.

    You get the point.

  10. what the he** was in that last mailbox? I watched it twice , still no clue

  11. I too have time on my hands now. So, I am anxious to get some mail out.

  12. let this be a lesson boys and girls, everyone can go a little postal...if provoked.

  13. Great tips and ideas for Good mail. I love the recipe idea!

  14. I guess I'm more weird and tasteless than everyone else, but I loved the first video...It had me laughing out loud! :D

  15. ava starts preschool next week and i will be sure to get some good mail out. guilt free. guilt free.

  16. Whew! I thought it was just me.

    And you are so right about postcards--I have one of lovely Colorado from your cute sister carronin and I keep it in my cubicle at work to remind me there is a life outside of my four walls.

  17. Shaba dee ba deen dum. Aww, da bunnies.
    Hey, of all the cool things you have done I want to say Good Mail is one of the coolest, or at least it's in the top 10.

  18. That first one is just...disturbing.

  19. I have been bad about good mail, but am ready to give it a go again. Thanks for the "push". Be expecting some cool things from deep in the heart of texas.

  20. I got some really great good mail this summer. Thank you to all that have sent me Good mail. The recipes are a great idea I've recieved some fantastic recipes so keep'em coming.

  21. I need to get back into the Good Mail swing too!

  22. I really need to get in gear with the good mail stuff as well. I'm so ashamed!


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