Thursday, August 2, 2007

Who is ready to partay, Colorado style?!

We have a couple of special guests coming to visit Carronin and I in August. I have been a fan of their blogs since the dawn of the blogosphere or at least for the past year. The Smiling Infidel herself, the Elasticwaistbandlady or "Lasti-kins" for those who are in the know and Carrot Jello of Oinkle Doinkle fame! I know, I know! We are so lucky. We thought it wouldn't be fair to hog them for ourselves so we are planning a couple of Meet and Greets for anyone who would like to come.

The first one will be in Denver on August 17th. We will be meeting for lunch at a place yet to be determined. Amber that Crazy Blogging Canuck suggested an outdoor cafe in Boulder in a gorgeous setting or a restaurant right in the heart of downtown Denver where all the action is. Are you a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll? Attendees at this point include, myself, Carronin, Amber, Aubrey, Elastic, and Carrot.

The second one is a BBQ here at Casa de Payne on August the 18th around the lunch hour, kind of thing. To give you a little orientation on where Fruita is at; it is 4 hours drive from Denver and 4 hours drive from Salt Lake.
We would love to see you all. We missed the last blog get together. Life just got in the way:(
I hope y'all will come for a "do-over" here in Colorado and yes, pictures with Mike the Headless Chicken will be taken after the BBQ. If you are ready to partay Colorado style, I will update you by e-mail with the details! Two woots! "Woot! Woot!"
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