Monday, January 12, 2009

Annie on the Golden Globes

I stand not alone

I, along with a billion Indians, was so glad to see A.R. Rahman , one of the Top 10 highest-selling artists in the world, win and Shahrukh Khan , the king of Bollywood, present at the Golden Globes. I have not seen "Slumdog Millionaire." It's rated R and I have a personal policy to not watch rated R movies but, if perchance I do fault because it's an award winning film with an award winning soundtrack by the "Mozart of Mumbai," I will keep that hypocrisy and lack of integrity to myself.

Anniethology Best Dressed

There were a lot of ladies looking fabulous last night, i.e. Amy Adams and Rita Wilson (she had fringe in all the right places) but I base my best dressed awards on who looks better than usual. Kate Winslet looked better than ever in the reflective light of her two Golden Globe awards.

Who forgot to add bleach?

Muted tones (regrettably) were the color of the night. A couple ladies went with a washed out gray. Her name already escapes me because she is so 2008. Umm...the gal that won "Dancing with the Stars." Oh yeah... Brooke Burke. I didn't think you could make someone so incredibly fake baked look washed out, but her gown was such a drab color of dirty laundry, she looked like she had the flu.

Anniethology Worst Dressed

Whoever the handler is for Mickey Rourke deserves an award of their own. I don't know what kind of voodoo it took to get that coked-up hack a job, let alone an award! They deserve a Christmas bonus for just for propping him up. I guess selling your soul to the devil to get Mickey to look presentable would be too much to ask of anyone. BUT he is not my worst dressed of the night.

"Two guesses on what they are talking about."

Renee Zellweger had bedhead and a bad dress. Her people need to be fired. Hire me, Nene, hire me! Kisses... I'm still going to see your movie on Valentines Day.

Tina Fey came in as a close second for my pick as Worst Dressed. She looked messy, greasy, and doesn't have a chestal area worth exposing the way she insists on doing. Tina, girl, I can help you, too.

People who got the shaft

Brangelina went home empty-handed, but for pete sake do they have to have everything?!

My girl Kyra Sedgwick did not win again for her role in "The Closer." Someday, my friend, someday.

Hip-Hip Hooray and Boo on you

Cheers for the actors and crew of "John Adams." Thanks E-dub for insisting I rent that from Netflix. Paul, you are cuo-cuo pants. Laura, your hair was full and fab.

And thumbs down for Miley Cyrus. You can dress a girl up in a pretty gown, but can you teach her not to stick her tongue out at the camera. Miley Girl, there are tongue scrapers for that white stuff that ails you. They're in the mail. Thank me later.

My Sting crush is officially over!

See ya at the Oscars!


  1. even though i am at this time tv-less- i feel now as if i were there watching it with you.
    thanks for the fill in.
    btw i saw slumdog and loved it.
    that's coming from someone who makes it a rule in general to avoid those r-ratings.

  2. I watched a little. I agree totally about Kate Winslet--she looked great. I agree about Renee--she looked tired.

    Haven't seen the "Slumdog Millionaire" either--I can wait to watch it on my Clear Play.

    Love the comment about Brangelina ; )

    Kyle and I were fast forwarding through it and his comment, "is this the year of the beards"???? Did just about every guy have a beard????

    I will rent John Adams when January is over and I can spend money.

  3. I saw Miley do that too, and wondered if she'll look back on that little gesture with any regret. I somehow doubt it.

    What did you think of Laura Dern's dress? Of Sting's "Evil Bono" attire?

    Paul Giamatti is about the funniest-looking actor out there right now - and he doesn't do anything to help himself - but he is the absolute best. I LOVE HIM.

  4. So many celebrities have mentioned that they want to appear less glamorous and over the top during this economic downturn. Maybe dishwater grey attire helps them to feel they've accomplished this. And maybe Mikey Rourke is just trying to play the role of "downtrodden middle aged laid-off guy." Nah, I doubt it.

  5. You mean I missed it? Now I gotta go read the rag mags to see all the dirt & photo. Then I might just have to watch "E" tv. Just so I have clue. Forgive me!

  6. I thought Sting looked slightly homeless.

    I didn't watch, but I looked up photos online, and read your blog. It's almost like I was there!

  7. I refuse to watch hollywood stuff. Why? I don't know, really.

    I watched Extreme Home Makeover and almost cried for the little 8 year old that was as small as a 2 yr old.

    I like your post. Now I feel as though I didn't miss anything and You make me smile when you offer to help the unfortunate dressers. Be sure to charge enough. They can afford it.

  8. It's funny, when I read your remarks about Slumdog I was surprised that it was rated R (I saw it alone and didn't pay attention to the rating). Now I'm rated R, so maybe I'm immune, but the film is so special you might want to check it out anyway.

    I usually make recommendations with qualifications, since everyone has different tastes, but this movie gets an unqualified McDad thumbs up. Best film I've seen in a while.

  9. All I got to say it J-Lo should have left the curtains hanging int the Dining Room, Robert Downer Jr. should have comed his hair and shaved before he left the house and last but not least Renee Yikes!!! What was that???

  10. what? no pictures? i was wondering why you didn't mention drew barrymore's gray dress in the your muted colors paragraph. i thought she looked ridiculous with her poufy hair and boring dress. i thought beyonce was the best and agree with you about laura linney..she looked lovely.

  11. I had to rub my eyes when Renee showed up on my tiny little TV screen (yes some of us are still watching small TV's in our bedrooms). Could the always classy and consistently gorgeous Renee seriously look THIS BAD?!?!?!
    Sting was scary. I would hide the children if he walked into the same room asus. But he wasn't nearly as scary as Mickey Dork. I thought it was appropriate that he stumbled up the steps to get his award. Old habits die hard...
    Kate was beautiful, but the tears got a little old for me. And why did she hug Leo FIRST when she won the second award?
    I'm so done with Miley Cyrus. She should just get lost in Sting's beard.

  12. Annie - you were BRUTAL!

  13. P.s. How does Cameron Diaz keep getting invited to these things? What has she done that was worth seeing this year? Honestly, I bet she'll show up at the Oscars, too.

  14. Okay, I did it. Got pics. Got proof. I aim to please.

  15. I'm going to quit commenting on my own blog now.

  16. There's medication for this kind of thing.

  17. WOW! Kate Winslet looked absolutely gorgeous! :)

  18. Renee Zellweger hasn't been cute since Jerry Maguire.

    Tina Fey on the other hand...

  19. Kate Winslet looked beautiful!

    Renee-Yikes! I've never liked her squishy face anyway.

    As for the rest..ew.

  20. Oh, Miley is so tacky. And I agree on Kate Winslet, so hot.

  21. That's Sting?

    I so agree on the Mickey Roarke, he was just gross. What was he in anyway? And what did Bruce Springsteen have to do with it?
    (yes, I'll google it)

    I LOVE your post award show posts!

  22. What did Sasha Baron say that was so scandalous? He was kinda gross too, but he said something that made everybody squirmy and boo. I couldn't hear it over my kids.

  23. I didn't watch it (I knew you'd have a post about it!) I saw the red carpet pictures today and I was thinking the same thing about Cameron Diaz (See? I love you!)

    Mickey Rourke. Yikes. Y.ikes.

    I'm tired of Beyonce and J.Lo "dressing up".

    Kate Winslet- Gorgeous.

  24. Daily Hero read John Adams by David McCullogh and is a HUGE fan.
    So when the series came out on DVD I bought it for him.

    Yeah, guess who the Hero was that day? ;D

  25. Ok, one more:
    "Mind-reading barmaid in love with a vampire" YAY!!

    It's definitely R so stay clear form that one.

  26. S.B.C. had the nerve to make fun of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. He must have forgotten that the only target that Hollywood can agree on is President Bush. Stupid.

  27. I had to work doing inventory Sunday night but we kept sneaking into the break room to watch. We all laughed at Collin Firth and think that somebody needs to teach that man some gum chewing manners. I wish I could have seen the whole thing though.

  28. What's your blanket aversion to R-rated movies? Do you apply the same standard to movies that are not rated at all?

    -- just curious.

  29. "if perchance I do fault because it's an award winning film with an award winning soundtrack by the "Mozart of Mumbai," I will keep that hypocrisy and lack of integrity to myself."

    Hilarious! Just watch it already!:D We won't judge.

    "Brangelina went home empty-handed, but for pete sake do they have to have everything?!"

    Love that one!

    Thanks for the review!

  30. I see my name! ;)
    Didn't watch. Big surprise, huh?

  31. I love your recaps, especially when I don't have TV!

    Kate looked amazing. I am agreeance with you!

  32. Shahrukh Khan was there? Dang it, I missed it.

  33. Anon- I don't like movies that drop the "f" bomb. I also don't like movies that show nudity or people having secks. I'm not interested in anyone's secks life, but my own. And I abhor violence.

    That's why I love Bollywood. If there is swearing, it's in Hindi and I don't speak Hindi and you would be hard pressed to find people even kissing on the lips in Bollywood movies. They are generally very clean.

  34. WOOT WOOT! Totally with you on every point.

    you had 15 lbs. of baby? WOW! New respect, here.

  35. Holy crud. I'd have NEVER recognized Sting. And he was so hot. And I even tend to like beards. But not on him, boy.

  36. ditto on sting. blech..that is exactly what i thought when i saw him.


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