Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love me, love my friends

Click here to vote on whether or not my sister's husband looks like Edward Cullen.
Then go here and wish my friend Millie a Happy Birthday!
Then visit my friend, Aubrey's new blog "Contemporation," a feast for the culturally famished.
And if you don't have a profile already, go to, create an account and be my friend.
The month of love is coming up. Love me, love being my friend.


  1. So sa-weet being first on your blog.

  2. I already did all those things you told me to do. New task?

    Definitely love you and being your friend is MY honor.

    Here comes Valentine's Day. Yay.

    I found some fun Valentines for those who don't like Valentines. They were catchy and clever. I found them in a magazine. ;)

  3. I love valentines. I look forward to a day of Love!

    Definitely love being your friend. I am already on facebook so I will look you up.

    I voted that your sister's hubby does look like Edward Cullen!

    Wishe your friend Millie Happy Birthday and Visited Contemporation!

    Do I get an "A" for following instructions?

  4. You two are a couple of over-achievers!

    I'm "Annie Clark Payne" on Facebook! See you there.

  5. k- i visited all of them- tried to leave a comment on the last one, but was only confused.
    you are likin' it really?

  6. Is that what Edward is supposed to look like? He looks better in my imagination.
    I wish I could wipe that image of him. It almost makes me want to not read another one of those books now. He is much less attractive than I envisioned.
    Look at your cute new background!

  7. E-dub- I have to confess to thinking the same thing when they first cast Edward. BUT, he has an on-screeen charisma that is un-deni-a-ble.

  8. I've just added Karla and Diane as my friends. Any more takers? Don't be shy!

  9. hey there annie. thanks for the shout out...very sweet of you. and i am so excited for the month of love coming up..i love you and you friends {and your sis}. p.s. your blog layout is so pretty!

  10. I need to look you up on facebook. I was thinking about you yesterday! No good reason, just thought you should know.

  11. I voted El Jefe has better hair!

    I guess you need to tell me why Facebook. I still don't see it. At all (Whatever Annie says I do!)

    Several people have asked me to join just this past week...I do have an account but I had not plan to do anything with it.

  12. I see my name!!! :)

    Ditto on Nancy's comment!

    That is not a great pic of Edward. He's much hotter in other pictures... but he does bear a resemblance to El Jefe.

  13. It will be fun to see what you come up with for the "month of love".

  14. Every month is a month of love around here! Annie's friend on Facebook...check!

  15. Facebook is blowing my mind. Why haven't I been over there all along?

  16. I am watching E! and its all about jennifer annieston (spelling) and all I can think of is you.. and your blogs on her and then the fashion police is coming on for the SAG awards and I wonder if your watching... and I really hope you are.

    PS you changed your layout.


  17. He's pretty close. He just needs higher thicker hair. I liked your post on optimism. I'm trying too! I want the best for our country. Thanks for putting it so eloquently.


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