Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday is the best night of television.

I have to admit to crying when Marie fainted on DWS last night. I watched this clip over and over on my DVR. You can hear her panting in the background before she took a dive. I called mymomma and Carronin in a panic. "Oh no! Not Marie!" I'm glad she's okay. Of course she fainted. She is working so hard, dropping weight like crazy, and they have her vacuumed sealed in that costume. I LOVE YOU MARIE! I'M THERE FOR YOU! BUT,I hope I grow up to look like Jane Seymour.

Mel B. should dance to her own songs more often! Spice Girl reunion? I'm sure someone out there is excited about it.

Did anyone else watch Samantha Sometimes? I've never been a big Christina Applegate fan, but this show was pretty funny.

Was anyone else suckered into watching the Bachelor to watch "the biggest emotional breakdown in Bachelor history?" It wasn't that dramatic. She didn't faint or nothin'. Sure her mascara ran and she was totally dillusional about the guys feelings for her, but I was expecting her to be carried off in a straight jacket. No such luck. You know these Bachelors have certain rules about what they can and can't say to the girls. Despite that, he tried to let her know that he thought of her as just a friend, but she wasn't hearing it. She heard what she wanted to hear. She needs to get a copy of that book, He's Just Not That Into You. Men are not that difficult to decipher if you just listen.

I still have two more shows to watch. I have Chuck and Heroes recorded. Hooray for Monday and DVR!


  1. Yep, I watched the Bachelor last night! Did you notice how Hillary's eyes were swollen throughout the entire show? She must have been either drunk or crying most of the time! Then all the words they had to bleep out? Good night Irene! I'll bet that made her momma proud!

    I used to love Prison Break on Monday nights, but the writers ruined it so I'm done. It was such a great show too! :(

    I'm glad Marie is o.k. I didn't see her faint on the show, but watched it on the news later last night.

  2. Suzanne, I think I am rooting for Bettina (Couldn't she just go by Betty or Tina?) now because she was the only one that didn't participate in the skinny dip that rolled during the credits. Her family is going to trash him next week. Should be another great night of television!

  3. Did you notice how Big Beefy Bertha had spinach stuck between her teeth from that sandwich she wolfed down at dinner???

    How about when Huge Thighs Thelma sat on the guy's lap and almost crushed him with her 200-lb-apiece legs!!!

    Or when Headlights Helga knocked him out cold when she gave him a big hug...

    Oh, what a night. ;)

  4. P.S. We went to soccer practice and then Dairy Queen. I feel so out of it, I have to make up my own "I watched it too!" crap.

  5. I turned on the tv just after the fainting and was wondering what the host was talking about...thanks!

    And strangely, I watched the Bachelor last night for the first time all season. I thought that girl's name was Patina (like in reference to metal) not Bettina. See, you are just educating me left and right today!

  6. Fruita? Seriously? Seriously. I was a Orchard Mesa gal myself from 1997 to 2002....way out on 32 road. Hubby's family has deep roots there. We probably know some of the same people.

  7. I think Marie was faking it. she didn't like what that Len was saying about her dance so she pulled a Scarlett O'Hara;)

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  9. I noticed too that Bettina seemed like the only one that didn't do the naughty skinny dip at the end. Did Sheena even do it??? :(

    I like Bettina, but I just don't see any chemistry with her and Brad.

    Jenni is my favorite right now. They seem to have good chemistry, but the problem is that I honestly don't see her settling down with Brad in Austin so who knows?

    I think Sheena is nice, but won't make it too far because of her age (although I had a 1 year old by then! LOL!) and DeAnna has a very mean hard side that makes her unlikeable. JMO! :)

    P.S. Carrie, my hubby thought that Marie faked it too! LOL!

  10. I was thinking "Nice freakin' catch..." about Marie's partner. He had his arms around her. Holy spaghetti arms- she just fell right thru!

  11. But Annie, I don't watch any of those shows :(
    I do Tivo Heroes, then turn on the closed caption and promptly proceed to FF through the whole show. It moves way to slow for me and I don’t care for a couple of stories....who am I kidding? Why am I recording it? *Sigh*

    I did see Marie faint on Jimmy Kimmel (which I Tivo only for the monologue at the beginning).

    Long live my DVR that allows me to watch only the show parts I care about.
    Really really care about.

  12. Looks like I missed all the excitement. Darn! I love Marie too, but also wish to grow up and look more like Jane! Jane is my middle name afterall, no really!

    LOL at Carronin and tori's spaghetti arms! :)

  13. Poor Marie...I missed all the excitement! Carronin and Tori crack me up! :D

    I have an award for you! :)

  14. I saw Marie faint on the news or something?

    I watch trashy comedy shows on Monday nights. But I did want to see the girl flip out on The Bachelor, but I forgot.

  15. And NCS-YES! Tivo (I have DVR) rules! I watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it!

  16. I actually thought Marie was a little intoxicated when she was jumping up and down after her dance. But the fainting must have been embarrasing for her.

  17. I haven't ever watched any of those shows. But when I got to work and saw that she had fainted, the first thing I thought was that her dress was, um, what's the word I'm looking for???
    I'm afraid to use the word I'm looking for....
    I think she faked it.

  18. I didn't see Marie faint, but was sure glad she was o.k.

    Every time I see Jane Seymour I think, "She can't possibly be MY AGE???"

    (That's the only thing I see on Monday night. I used to love Heroes, but just haven't had the time this year.)

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  20. I love love love Chuck! It's probably my new fave show this year! And I watch Heroes after that... I'm waiting for it to get good again... I feel like it's not going anywhere right now....

  21. Thank you thank you thank you! I haven't been able to watch my Monday night stuff and I promised the husband I wouldn't get caught up in the Bachelor this year. I'm depending on you to keep me posted. I heart TV


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