Saturday, February 16, 2008

As if there could be anything more about me...

Anne, talented author, horse lover, and distant cousin to Phil Collins, recently tagged me with a "7 Things About Me" Meme. In case you don't know what a "meme" is, here is a great place to illuminate yourself. Having been at this blogging thing for quite awhile, it's hard to think of things that I haven't bragged about told you about already. That being said, here we go!

1. I love watching court tv. It makes me feel superior to the rest of humanity, because I'm smart enough to 1. Not to loan anyone money and 2. I always get it in writing. I also had enough sense to not "play house" with someone I wasn't married to. So many of the cases are about these pathetic women who make car payments or buy gold chains for their boyfriends and then when things go bad and/or they find out that he has another babymama, they want their money back. Suckers. I think they got what's coming to them for "giving it up" so easily. As much as I enjoy my superiority complex, I only watch it with Secret Agent Man and we only watch People's Court with Judge Marilyn Milian. We love her signature line, "Lo barato sale caro." Translation: Cheap things turn out expensive. Ain't it the truth, sistah?!

2. My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Thin Mints and Samoas. Did anyone notice my new Good Mail Countup Clock on my sidebar? I'm just sayin.'

3. I have been on a super secret mission to Singapore with Secret Agent Man. I don't know what he did while we were there, but I spent a good portion of our week-long trip crying in my hotel room. It was the first time I had been that far from my babies for that long. I couldn't stand the fact that if they needed me, I was 24 hours away. Waaaaaaaah! It's a beautiful island country. The subway is super clean and modern. After using the underground transporation in Singapore, the New York subway system was horror to behold. Our last night we had wonderful Asian meal at the Clark Quay promenade. (pictured)

4. I am not a soccer mom anymore. I am now a basketball mom. My boys play on a 3rd grade city league. I try to pay as little attention as possible to the game. I can't stand to watch their uncoordinated growing bodies tripping, traveling, and in the case of my boys, shuffling down the court. But, there's always, of course, one or two kids who really "get" the game and ride rough shot over the kids whose mamas just signed them up so they would have something to do after school or get them off the couch.

5. I am not repressed. Compulsive Writer sent me this article. The article titled "Mormon women seek greater role" makes me laugh out loud. I think my role in my church is great enough. I am in charge of the two hour Sunday services for over 100 children, including the coordination of 15 teachers and other leaders, as well as planning and carrying other weekly activities and overseeing the Cubscout program. Hello?! I think my role is "great" enough. I don't think that anyone who knows me or reads my blog would consider me a "repressed" Mormon woman. That adjective just does not fit the culture. Over-achieving, hard-working, caring, civic-minded, yes. Repressed? No way. I may be able to think of one person who would look at my life and think "repressed", but that is because they don't appreciate the value of God, home and family and the only thing they have been able to fully committ to is their smoking habit.

6. Speaking of being repressed, did I mention at I am going to Hawaii? Yes, that is where all the repressed Mormon housewives go to relax. Seven days, six nights on the big island, just S.A.M and I. The kids are staying home with their repressed Mormon grandma. That's the great family tradition. My parents went to Hawaii three times while we were growing up and never took us kids. So, we, in turn, are leaving our kids behind, also. Don't worry, we will bring them home the customary souveniers of sugar cane, grass skirts, and shell necklaces.

7. Oh, wow, I am almost done. Hmmm, number 7. What am I going to tell you for number 7. It's got to be good. Oh, the pressure! I got nothing. You'll just have to be happy with 6 things about me.

Thanks Anne, this was a lot of fun! Now, I guess, I have to tag some people. Hmmm... Glittersmama, Nancyface, and Aubrey, your turn. If you have done this recently, guess what, you get to do it again:)


  1. Oh, but I love Judge Judy too. So I shouldn't be making my babydaddy's car payments?

    I also love the Thin Mints and Samoas, but the Girl Scout in my neighborhood only comes in the fall to sell these nasty chocolate covered raisins. Does she show her shiny little face come cookie time? Nope.

  2. That counter is really turning up the pressure. Maybe we all need to sign in to either take turns being responsible, or, sign a not-sending-pact to see how high we can get the date----I can say these snarky things because I have sent good mail in the past quarter, twice ;)

  3. I love The People's court, I Tivo it most of the afternoons and sometimes in the mornings. I do get tired of all the lame people so I have to take a break once in a while.
    I orderd 3 boxes of samoas :)

    And I'm very happy to know 6 things about you.

  4. Mmmm...Thin Mints. Ever tried Dryer's Thin Mint Ice Cream? Yummy!

  5. I LOVE number five. I'll put the tag in my pocket and pull it out on a rainy day. Have fun in Hawaii. My eyes are a little green over that one!

  6. THIN MINTS!!!

    Thin Mints is actually a misnomer because consuming a box full of them will not actually, in fact, make you thin.

  7. I love Dr. Laura when she gives the smackdown to women shacking up, making babies, and then complaining about their men finding "mistresses." She always tells them that no, their men can do whatever they darn well please becuase they're not married and haven't made a commitment. And when the women stammer, and cry, and argue with her, she says "Sorry, but you're just the shack up honey giving it away for free and now he's found another shack up honey."

    I listen to the program with my older girls. I'm not above brainwashing and indoctrination techniques to drive points about the sacredness of their bodies, home.

  8. 1. Plus....she's the hottest judge on television.
    2. Mine doesn't count as good mail,. I have a reputation to uphold.
    3. That's beautiful, glad the two of you get to go together once in awhile.
    4. How do you do it?
    5. Work it...Work it....!!
    6. As it should be. I hope you have a FABULOUS time!
    7. I adore you.

  9. I used to love thin mints... but then they took all the transfats out. They aren't as good any more... sigh.
    Have a great time in Hawaii...

  10. apartment complexes don't get solicited by girl scouts. how depressing is that? thin mints. in peppermint ice cream. yum. i've just read all the comments. thin mints is a popular subject among us repressed mormon housewives.

    i am jealous about hawaii. i am really, really jealous and might have to talk to paul about taking a tropical vacation sooner than later.

  11. That was super fun to read!! I made a counter that shows how long it's been since YOU commented on my blog... ;)

  12. I cried when I left my oldest for a VaCa in Puerto Rico for a week.
    I would not cry now, dare me please:)
    It's a hard life being repressed*sigh*

    I love the mint cookies, and I love that counter. Good's about time.

  13. Classic stuff here today :) My parents also abandoned us for 10 days in Hawaii and imagine that, we survived!!!

    I haven't gotten to do the "payback" trip on them yet, unless Florida counts :)

    As much as I love that feeling of superiority the Court shows can provide, the horror that occurs from coming to the realization that there is a complete new lineup of absolute morons out there every day is just too much for me.

  14. Love People's Court and Judge Judy. Although I haven't seen it much lately.

    Loooooove thin mints and I think I have 4 boxes coming. And Elastic is right, they aren't making me thin. :(

    Looooooooove Hawaii! I wish I could go without kids, but the next vacation (after this summer) is a Hawaii cruise-with our darling daughters.

    Looooooooooooove being repressed. Working in Primary is THE BEST way to do it!

  15. I love my life as a repressed Mormon woman! Primary rocks! :D

    Thanks for the tag...I nearly always do them, and I nearly always take forever getting around to doing them, tee hee!

    Patience, my friend! ;)

  16. I buy five or six books of GS cookies each year. I promise myself I will make them last, but I usually finish them off in a day or two.

  17. I know you're not a repressed Mormon...I sometimes wonder if you read my blog and think...I don't remember going to school with the devil...but there she is on the internet! So the fact that you actually come back for more makes me realize that you're a hip Mormon mama with a lot on her plate. And crazy responsibilities. And good hair.

  18. Thin Mints are awesome. I've been watching Judge David Young recently and I REALLY like him! He cares. Love Marilyn and Judy too.

  19. Thin Mints are awesome. I've been watching Judge David Young recently and I REALLY like him! He cares. Love Marilyn and Judy too.

  20. Mmmm Thin Mints :)

    I hope you have a grand time in Hawaii! Will Secret Agent Man be going on a secrety mission? Or will it strictly be husband and wifey time? I hope it is the latter.

    My little brother loves People's Court haha!

  21. "Did I breathe and give you the impression I was done speaking?" She's hot.

  22. That repressed Mormon housewives article cracked me up, too.
    Like I WANT any more responsibility!? Who exactly did they interview for that??

  23. Glad you took up the meme challenge, Annie. I really enjoyed reading all this about you. Especially loved the bit about Primary:-) Enough indeed!


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