Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anniethology on Idol: Show is over, the kid won. Plus, Idol "Whooz ur Daddy?"

Was that a-m-a-z-i-n-g or what?! I love what Paula said to David Archuleta, known on this blog as "Cutie," at the end of his performance. Something like, "I want to squish you and squeeze you and hang you from my rear-view mirror."



Guess whose mama went on a cruise on the Love Boat in the early 80's?

When I see Chikezie I think Issac Washington took a break from mixing drinks at the bar to perform on the Lido Deck.


  1. I loved Cutie too. Didn't Paula say something about cutting his head off and hanging it from the rearview mirror?? Either way, he rocked.

  2. Yeah. On all accounts. But I still would love to rip off the Aussie's shirt and ... well, you get the idea. Chikeze did a great job tonight, too. That kid will have NO problem getting a record deal. Let's hope the girls step it up a notch tomorrow night.

  3. He was amazing. Great version of the song.
    The Aussie is pretty cute. The rocker, right before cutie, was too arrogant....I think it will hurt him.

  4. NO, you did not just say that!!!!!

    The Isaac/Chikezie thing is spot on what I told Papi last week!!!! Especially the way he was workin that gross rust colored lounge lizard suit.

  5. I hated Aussie Hottie's take on Fleetwood Mac. HATED IT!

    I hate John Lennon's Imagine. Yeah, I said it. Listen to the lyrics. It's like the COmmunist Manifesto put to music. No religion, no possessions, no countries. Gag. But David made it sound pretty and infinitely less gaggy.

    I like Jason Castro. He's goofy and a lot more genuine than the polished performer guys.

    Jason Yeager may be a Texan but he bugs me.

    Luc Menard is a Hoosier like me! But Simon's right. Too cracker and blah to pull off Freddie.(pull off sounds bad, doesn't it) He's cute, though.

    I like Chikezie. But then I love soul music. I told Papi his best bet would be to sing Donny Hathaway because his daughter is one of the backup singers and the dude has a Hathaway-esque vibe....and then he sang Hathaway. I'm like an AI prophetess or something.

    Robbie Carrico. No like.

    David Cook. Meh.

    I do like that 3 of the 10 are named David. Interesting.

  6. What a fun night to watch. We usually tape it and then watch it later. Somehow we were all in my room last night and watched the whole thing. I loved the Lennon song!! Simon was charming as ever!!:-)

    I loved it too when she said she would hang his head from her rearview mirror!!

  7. I think that quote from Paula is my most favorite quote ever. ROFL, but I really agree. I want to, too! Cutie seriously killed it! AWESOME!!

  8. I haven't seen it yet, but I love the daddio pictures!!!

  9. I totally agree with the Travolta + Calipso = Castro!! Good eye! He's cute, but that hair!

  10. Yep - David should win. Hands DOWN!!

  11. I dvr'd it, so I haven't watched it yet. I'll be back.


    Hey, guess what?
    Not only we have not watched the one form last night...I actually deleted the unwatched shows from last week.

    I know. The thrill is gone or somepin'

  13. I love how you show us their possible parentage, haha! :D


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