Friday, February 22, 2008

Runway Lost Idols

I am so happy that I am not the only one crazy enough to ♥ Christian from Project Runway. He won "Fan Favorite" by a landslide. He is crazy talented and totally "fierce!" I can't wait to see his collection at Fashion Week.

A.I. results? What can I say? I'm not surprised. I can't even remember those kid's names. And, hello?! Did you see Paula's new video? She is still hot! I am not embarassed to say, she is forever my girl, even though she is a hot mess and saves her only three lucid days a month for American Idol. I ♥ you, Paula!

Kate's son is Aaron?! What happened? Why won't Jack see him? Did Claire die? Is Jack responsible for her death? Did he find out that Claire is his sister? More questions than answers, this is why I love and hate Lost, big time!


  1. I agree with you on the AI stuff... I kind of remember those kids performing... sort of... maybe.
    As for Lost... that show makes me crazy!! I hate watching a show and not feeling like I got any anwsers from the darn thing...

  2. We watched the boys singing just last night...halfway.
    I don't know Annie, even the kids are kind of bored with it.

    Fashionista loves that Christian guy, we laugh and laugh with/at him :)

    Kate's son is Aaron?!?!
    Wait, who? what?

  3. I love when Christian makes his hair extra fierce!

  4. I can't believe that Aaron has been kidnapped (or whatever) by Kate. That Jacko won't see him means there was some big time bad juu juu going on.
    Baldy Lord of the Flies is about to make me crazy with his "if I were a dictator I would have just killed you" business....
    I told Shazzy that the reason Jack doesn't want to see the baby was because he had a little scruffy beard and perpetual scowl. But no...I was way wrong.

  5. Uncle Locke is still my favorite character. He is so intense right now.

    I can only think that Claire must have died, because she would never hand her baby over.

    Edub- lol for the scruffy beard and scowl thing.

    I will miss Lost when it is over.

  6. "even though she is a hot mess and saves her only three lucid days a month for American Idol."
    I say you award yourself comment of the day.

  7. Ooooo...don't even get me STARTED on the Kate/Jack/Aaron idea...there aren't enough computer processors in all of Al Goredom to process the ideas I have on that! Um, isn't Aaron Jack's half-nephew? How will they explain the fact that Kate wasn't pregnant on the plane? Since when have she and Claire been buddies? I could go on and on.

  8. Sean called me in to see the interview of Christian and three other designers on "Regis and Kelly" the other day. Sean of course was completely creeped out by the (?)guy(?). I just laughed. He is very talented. And his designs were way better than the others that I saw.

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  10. We all sent up a cheer when Colton was kicked off. I know that's mean to get excited when someone is experiencing the crushing of all his hopes and dreams, but that's the way we roll, dawg.

    The 60's theme was snoozin. :( Seriously, can't they do better than making these contestants sing corny schlock on a cheesy stage? I didn't even bother to watch on Wednesday.

    I LOVE that dreadlock guy, Jason Castro. He turned a song that I hate into something great with his guitar playing.
    Mormony Sweet Brooke White
    David Archuleta
    Irish Chickie Carly
    Hot Australian Michael Johns

  11. I didn't care for the Paula Abdul song. Look, she's got a rockin bod even after all these years and all her problems but still there comes a point where you're just silly to dress up and dance like you're some kind of teen starlet.

    Just my IMO, of course.

  12. I have been an obsessed fan of Lost...but I haven't watched it yet this season.

    How lame is that? :/

  13. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Aaron is Kate's son?! I have missed this entire season because I have to work :( I need updates!

  14. I just watched it.
    I think Paula looked hot!
    I loved hearing her sing again and seeing her dance again.

    Danny has got to go. Got to.

    I think Luke has the cutest smile. He's not the best but he's cute.

    Elastic, I love you. I just wanted to say that.

  15. I save my lucid days for you.

  16. I love Christian also!! I think he might be the winner. Our local paper had someone there and kind of hinted around that he won!!

    We'll see!!

    Can't wait.


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