Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Anniethology Ode to Trains.

Japanese Train Loaders.

Didn't their moms teach them to wait their turn?

Indian Train.

"Woot! We're on a train!"

Train Wreck

...wait for it.

Another kind of train wreck...

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  1. you a very funny wady!

  2. Wait your turn people! My six year old has better manners than those morons.

    Aww,Ashley took her grandma on a date. She has a couple of holes in her dress though,she should really fix them. It could be embarassing.

  3. Don't you think they ever just get sick of each other?

  4. One looks like a full on heroine sheik 80s flashback. The other just looks like she just came back from a bad acid trip and fell into her grandmother's solid gold dancer outfit.

  5. no wait strike that, her dress was inspired by that hallucinogenic vision of vomit.

  6. Comedy gold happening here, people!

    Oh yeah,

    (the voice whispers)

    "Annie, your crazy."

  7. I have never seen so many people happy to be on a train :D YAY!!!

    It's "Future Ashley" coming to warn 2008 Ashley.

  8. Maybe the camera guy should have put the camera down to steer the train out of the way.

    And that's reason 855,493 why you shouldn't put your kiddies in show biz. (really I have nothing against kids in movies and television) I'm just sayin.

  9. Those have got to be the happiest train all the history of train passengers! :D

    I AM against putting children in movies and television shows! :0

  10. That guy on the left in the first video almost had his nose shaved off. Ouch.

  11. No wonder the Japanese don't have any sence of personal space!

    The last train wreck was the saddest one. Who knew those cute babies on Full House would turn out like that? So so sad.

  12. Grandma got ran over by a we ratted her hair, put her in a gold dress and took her to the disco!

    MJ of GJ

  13. I thought it was supposed to be clowns in a Volkswagen, not commuters on a train??? Hmm. Weird.


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