Monday, May 19, 2008

My new home in "Home and Garden"

My first article for the Home and Garden section debuted in the Saturday edition of the local paper this weekend. My picture was even on the front page with the title, "Annie Payne is back!" Click here to have a read.
Above is the picture that was printed along with my article. I must say, I was having a fabulous hair day! Secret Agent Man took about 20 pictures of me before I finally decided on this one. I kept opening and closing blinds, moving the plant, raising and lowering my chin. My editor offered to have the newspaper's photographer come out and take my picture, but honestly I really don't think they would like all the fluffing and fussing I do to get it just right.


  1. Annie, Thanks for the postcard from Hawaii!! The hair is fabulous!! Congrats on the move to Home & Garden. I loved your article!

  2. "...until you feel as deeply in your spirit as you think in your mind that the counsel is wise.”

    Aww, this is why I always listen to your advice :)

  3. And thank you for my postacard from Paradise, it was a cute.happy surprise =D
    Did you see I put it on my blog?

  4. That was a fun article. I didn't know Joan Rivers said all that.

  5. congratulations, annie! that is wonderful. and i love the posed picture of you "reading" on your couch. SAM sounds just like paul in his patience at doing what i want..even if it means taking a billion pictures to get one good one.

  6. I liked the Charm page, especially the "Neato or Veto."

    MJ in GJ

  7. yes, the hair is beautiful today!

    i read your little right up and as usual it made me smile- those are some fun quotes that i just may have to feature and refer to often.

    have a nice day.

  8. Congratulations on your new "home" in the Daily Sentinel. You are a crack up.

  9. coolness! congrats lady!

    where is my post card :)


    just kidding!

  10. Annie,

    Welcome back. I am glad that you are still with us.
    Love the picture and the story.

    SAM is very lucky-

    and what a surprise I found in my mail box.
    Funny thing-my other friend Annie went to Hawii the same time as you did-and so I recieved a post card from both of you.
    Yah me!!


  11. You never dissapoint.

    Thanks for thinking of me while in Hawaii! Yessssssssssss....part of the club!

  12. Great article! Can't wait to read more.

    Sue in Fruita

  13. You are an amazing writer. I love to read your stuff.

  14. HOW GREAT IS THAT! You are the picture secret agent did great!

  15. I thought the picture you fussed over was going to be in the newspaper. Duh. I don't know how many times I re-loaded the link....
    I think Joan Rivers has a ghost writer.

  16. My picture showed up in the actual paper, not online. I'm a vagrant at You used to be able to find me at the paper's website under the Features section. Now you have to search "Annie Payne" to see my articles.

    Hmmm.... I think I might know somebody who can hook me up with a better online presence.

    Starts with a "T" and ends with an "odd."

  17. Joan Rivers is awesome...and so are YOU! About the picture: you look gorgeous, dahling! :)

  18. Love the article and the picture!

    I also like the quote about the stairs because right this minute is a pile waiting to go down and it has been there for many days. My hands are empty on the way down and I look at that pile and roll my eyes. But...I need to do better. Thanks for the great advice!


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