Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anniethology on Idol: The Final 3

I shouldn't be here. I should be studying for finals. I'm gonna keep this short.

It's obvious to me who the American Idol producers want to win. They put their money into David Cook! I think, that they think, in order to keep American Idol relevant, David Cook needs to win this whole thing. Another "cute kid," like Jordan Sparks, can't win again or they will lose credibility.

David A. So cute, he is hard to criticize, but I saw something on Oprah yesterday that made it all clear for me. Oprah had on "the worlds smartest, most talented kids." She had on a young Philipino girl who could belt out Whitney Houston songs. Although she did an amazing job mimmicking the sound, it lacked the soul, feeling, magic, and life experience Whitney brings to her music. This girl was just a really good parrot.

Don't throw tomatoes, but I feel that at this point David A. is in parrot mode. When he is older, falls in love, get's his heart broken, pays for his own toilet paper, deals with fame, he will become an artist, not just a good singer. The long and short of it... he needs to mature.

Syesha does not want to be the American Idol. Tonight, she tried out for a Broadway show. That is why she picked the song she did. She doesn't want to be a singer, she wants to be an actress.

We should all give her the chance to do that.


  1. yay! first!

    and second!

    and probably third!

  2. Hey, found you just blog hopping- and I must say your american idol posts are hilarious- especially the picture similarities...they are so on. Thanks for making me smile! :)Sara

  3. Annie: If anyone, ever, anywhere dares throw even one tomato at you...may David Hasselhoff have mercy on that individual.

  4. Are you bugging my house? Your posts sound exactly like the conversations my husband and I have while watching the show! Nothing bothers me more than a singer who shows s/he can sing notes, but not tell stories. What does a 17 year old know about LOVE anyway? Not only did the producers put more $$ into DC, but the transitions from talking to Ryan to singing on stage were awkward with David A and Synosha, but smooth as silk with Emo Dave. It'll be a nice battle of the Davids next week.

    Good Luck on Finals!!!

  5. Each David got 1/2 hour of voting from me.

    Syesha who?

  6. Syesha is a total Broadway gal! That was what I thought, too!!!

    As usual, you are right on the money on the whole thing!

  7. What is this "American Idol" you speak of?

  8. Okay Annie, you and I need to corroborate ( did I spell that right?) about this whole American Idol thing. I am still on the radio but I think b/c I am so good at predicting, then they are bored with me, go figure.

    David Cook will sell, but I do have to say ( as an avid AI fan of 7 seasons( this is the first time that one contestant stood out for me the way DC has.

    I love your blogs, you are so funny. I'd post more about AI if I had more readers, I hope to be as popular as you someday LOL

    good luck on finals too!

  9. hmmm, you make some good points here-also, donna at the quiet life, who posts on my blog on occasion has noticed that david a looks to her like eddie monster- i'd have to agree...thought you'd be interested

  10. I ♥ David A...I think the world needs more cute! :)

    No tomatoes! ;)

  11. I can't wait to read what you'll say about the American Idol finals.

    MJ of GJ


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