Sunday, June 8, 2008

If I can live through just one more week...

Friday, I carried out (with lots and lots of help) an all-day activity for 100 children at church. It was the culmination of six months of preparation and planning. It's been reported that the day was a success. NO CHILDREN WERE HARMED, during the paper lei-making, regatta, or charades.

Tomorrow is the first day of Cub Scout Day Camp. I will be volunteering, hopefully, only two of the four days, although I am completely responsible for the coordination of 6 volunteers for each of the four days of the camp.

If I can live through this week, there will be another week to live through.

In my local congregation, I am responsible for the children's Sunday services. For the past two years, 100 children have regularly attended these weekly two hour services.

We have just recently found out that our congregation has grown to the point where it is time to "split the wards" as it's known in our church. I will go from being in charge of 100 kids to about 45. Mind you I don't do this alone, I have the help of two councilors, a secretary, music people, and teachers.

With the splitting of the wards, I will be losing most of the people involved in this organization. Over the next couple of weeks lot of thought, time, and prayer will go into choosing people to replace the ones I have lost.

And I have Jury Duty.

And split ends.


  1. oh no! so, big changes are ahead of you. my little primary has doubled in the last year and is up to 40 kids. i still am baffled how a girl could handle 100 children.

    but, yay for your activity going well. if you're making leis it has to be fun! good luck with the next little while, day camp and jury duty and all that.

  2. I get people out of jury duty all the time. True story.
    Glad no kiddos were harmed.
    You are gonna earn yourself a medal after re-organizing a new Primary. That's a ton of work.
    Go get yourself a massage when it all over ;)

  3. Aack! Total craziness- bless your heart.
    If anyone can handle it- ANNIE can!!

  4. oh crap. split ends!!

    ha ha!

    We have a gigantic Primary like that too. I just got released. :)

  5. Only 30 in our little primary. We have a big activity on Friday-and it involves leis, too!!! I have a long list of things I still need to do for it, but we are still in school!

    Sorry you are losing all of your people. That is hard. And sad.

    Good luck!

  6. Hmmm....and here I sit with a primary of 11 children....I think there are about 20 when they are all there. I cannot believe how big that town is growing...flips me out.

  7. You know, I can totally relate to most of this post.

    You will never know how much I enjoyed working with you for the past two years. It was an honor and I will miss you and all of the children!!

    Good luck with Scout Day Camp. Been there, done that! And thank goodness it's over--unless I have some extra time again one of these years so that I can be a volunteer again.

  8. Busy lady and big changes! I hope the transition goes well for you in your new presidency. I'm pres in a primary of about 40 active kids (not counting nursery) and that's a nice size. A primary of 100 would do me in!

    Out of curiosity, since we are in planning stages for our summer activity, what did you guys do for an entire day for yours? I'm sure it was fun! Yeah for primary!

  9. Three words: DEL - A - GATION!! When I was Pres. (68 kids) I passed everything off to the counselors. That's what they are there for.

  10. hey i can handle jury duty and split ends....but that primary pres thing, i'll leave that up to people like you.

  11. HOLY cow! I didn't realize you were Primary President!! And on top of everything else:) I thought my life was crazy but you my dear, take the cake!!

  12. oh my gee can we say vitamins

  13. So... did you survive Day Camp? Try Dove conditioner for your split ends.

  14. Splitting wards is so traumatic :(
    Split ends are less traumatic :)

    You are like so amazing Annie. I wish you the best!!

  15. we just "split the wards" Oh, wow, what a blessing to go from 100 to 50 has been so much more reverent!


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