Friday, June 13, 2008

My Favorite Cleaning Tools

For my next article for the Home and Garden section, I am writing about
my favorite cleaning tools.
"The Dyson"

Microfiber Mop


Microfiber Gloves

Telescoping Feather Duster

What are your favorite cleaning items?


  1. My 7 year old.
    She got up on my kitchen counter yesterday and dusted. She brought everything down from up there, all the knick knack stuff, and helped me wash and dry it, dust it, whatever.
    Today she dusted the living room for me. FINALLY!!! I have a child old enough to be of a little use around here :D

  2. I have the Dyson ,the telescoping duster What are the gloves? I love my Fly Lady feather duster and my bar rag cleaning rags.

  3. My Dyson DC 15. It's the purple ball that is good for animal hair.

    I also like swiffer dusters. I spray them with pledge and they work better. They really grab the dust then.

    LOL at E-W. I prefer my 10 year old, my 12 year old, and my 17 year old. They only work when they want to though;) or when I bribe them.

  4. Pledge dusting wipes, Clorox wipes, Windex wipes...I'm sensing a trend here.

    Anybody know of anything better than a washcloth and me on my hands and knees to clean a laminate floor?

  5. I LLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE my dyson vaccum cleaner!!!! it is my favorite cleaning tool. I also love the swiffer stuff--from the dusters to the mop!

  6. Marcia- My favorite use for the microfiber gloves are cleaning the blinds. Also great for dusting fragile chochkees.

    Glitter- Check out my microfiber mop with removable pads. I just toss them in the washer when I am done. I love this for mopping floors.

    Like Joan Rivers said, "If God meant for me to get on my hands and knees he would have put diamonds on the floor."

  7. Hooray for Dyson owners! I would love a Dyson with the roller ball.

  8. How are you always so cute?

    1- I love my DYSON! Yep, I got me one a few months ago and I love it so much. I got the light one, 'cause I'm small and delicate and I knew I couldn't haul the Animal by myself. I give mine raving reviews.

    2-Mr clean magic eraser.

    3-Clorox wipes

    4- My cleaning lady!!!!! :D YAY!

  9. I, too, like microfiber anything. Gloves, cloths, clothing - whatever - sign me up - I'll take it.

    I also love lint rollers and canned air for random strange jobs.

    I have a telescoping duster thing for my fan, too but I still have to climb to the tippity top of the ladder, strategically place the children beneath me to brace my fall (who are we kidding? I'd just kill them and still break my tailbone), and then make like Scotty and beam that duster up. Every time I clean the fan (read "both times" I've cleaned the fan) I've said my goodbyes to the fam, written in my journal how I'd like my funeral service conducted, and put on clean underdrawers.

    My most favorite cleaning tool is The Scooba. Looooove it. The Roomba is OK-ish, but the Scooba rocks my world.

  10. elizabeth-w beat me to it - i heart my 13 year old bathroom cleaning daughter.

    I also love the magic eraser. I'm sure it's not so eco-friendly, but it really works.

  11. I love the cleaning wipes and Magic Eraser, too.

    I wonder if the grandbabies will come help grandma clean when they get older.

    MJ in GJ

  12. Three things that changed my life:

    the Book of Mormon

    I'm just saying.

  13. The magical ones that do it themselves ;)

    Runners up:
    The Dog
    Swiffer wet & dry mop
    Lysol Wipes

  14. I agree with you, Annie. I use Sprayway now, instead of Windex and I've never looked back.

  15. I think I need the lightweight Dyson. My Hoover's give me back aches. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  16. hmmm my fav cleaning tool...let me would have to be the telephone!!! (HELLO MERRY MAIDS, MAY WE HELP YOU)

  17. Hey Annie I love this entry. Good luck on your article. I got that dyson, yeap the same one, yellow and everything, so when you are done, can you put it back into my closet, oh wait, just leave it by the couch, I need to use it again.

    Love that thing, it's the best purchase we have made as far as vacs go.

    I love magic erasers. my kids fight over who is going to wash the walls and fridge. So magic erasers, though they have generic brands that are $2 cheaper than the Mr. Clean

    rubbing alcohol is a great product to shine the outside of your appliances.

    talking dirty with the queen of clean lady is my favorite book.

  18. Forget the cleaning tools! I WANT YOUR CUTE APRON!!!!

  19. PS I LOVE the Joan Rivers quote!

  20. I heart my Dyson and it's all because of you're my inspiration.

    I like those anti-bacterial wipe thingies and the shower spray that you spray after you take a shower and it cleans... Yeah, the less work for me, the better.

  21. I want a Dyson SOOOO bad.

    what the heck is a scooba?

  22. This post is old enough now where I can comment on it without fear of diminishing my manliness, right? Right?

    1- Magic Eraser - Anytime I can clean things while expending almost no effort, everybody wins.

    2- Dyson DC 14. I'm results-oriented. With the Dyson, I can see the results immediately.

  23. I have everything but the gloves and the feather duster! I don't have ceilings that high though.

    Love my microfiber mop! Water is all you need which is so amazing to me. I am going to find some gloves now.


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