Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Annie's Mail Bag

Hey Annie,You've probably already seen this, but just in case you hadn't...

Have a great day!


That was great! No, I hadn't seen it. The bumpy camera work makes me dizzy, but he sounds amazing. Would it hurt him to wear a tie for pete's sake? Who the heck is Pete? I sang this song as a solo once in church. I wasn't that good. I'm not a trained singer, I wouldn't even say I am good, but I am willing. When someone calls and says, "Will you sing?" I say "Yes," because I don't think you should say no. You know that whole beer under a bushel thing. Beer? Wait, it's lamp or light or something.

Thanks for sharing!


  1. wow, that was really amazing! Did someone film during church?? Hey did I mention that I love your hair! You have the funnest comments thanks!

  2. Hooray for secrety camera work!

    On the youtube page, someone had noted that he did this at a youth conference or fireside. It doesn't really look like a chapel, but the podium seems kinda big to be anywhere else.

  3. I saw that on you tube just yesterday, which is also when I found out that he was a contestant on Star Search at age 12 and I also saw a video of him singing to Kelly Clarkson when he was a kid.

    (They probably covered all that on idol, but I don't get TV reception, so all my idoling is done by watching the performance videos online...

  4. awww that is nice, he has a great voice!

  5. He really has a beautiful voice! So I'm curious if someone sat there in the open filming him during church or if they were attempting to smuggle the camera. Maybe it was at a fireside in the evening or something, but still! In the Chapel!?! LOL! :D

  6. If I were you, I would definitely hide your beer under a bushel if you have some.

  7. That was so beautiful! Now I'm in the mood for Sunday! :)

  8. The painting behind him made me think of a Relief Society room...if it is, that's a REALLY big podium! :0

  9. if you found beer under your bushel...I think its probably time to clear out that bushel or maybe turn it into a burning bushel...that beer would make some big flames.

  10. love it....I sing when they call too....i wish I had david archuleta's number to see if I could get him to come in my place.

    But, I would have to make sure that no one actually had their phone cam on in the chapel....those crazy fans!

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